Inspiration Point Drive

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Inspiration Point Drive is a 15.3 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Mantua, UT that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until October.

15.3 miles 6716 feet Point to Point

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mountain biking

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wild flowers



Mammoth rocky spires, craggy peaks, granite fissures, sure-footed mountain goats, pond-roaming moose, abandoned historic mines, the contrasting beauty of Willard Bay vs. the Great Salt Lake, the flood-ravaged history of Willard Basin, the endless bird's-eye panoramas and more. A visit to the Inspiration Point area is a Rocky Mountain adventure at its best. Forget always having to go to the High Uintas, Cottonwood canyons or the Mount Timpanogos area for some mountain solitude and incredible grandeur. This more off-the-beaten-track place between North Ogden and Mantua is one of the most fabulous treasures in all of northern Utah.

1 month ago

did it today. there was plenty of traffic, but was worth the rocky sometimes snowy sections
4wd for sure
beautiful vistas

3 months ago

off road driving
3 months ago

Road is in good condition for the most part. Very rocky, but any stock 4wd could do it no problem. Beautiful scenery, and the view from Inspiration point is awesome.

off road driving
4 months ago

From May 31st to Sept 1st. And All of October expect lots of traffic on this road.
Most of the way up its wide enough for a full size truck and a 4 wheeler . When another full size truck is coming towards you , one of you need to back up to a wider spot in the road .. It's a "WHITE KNUCKLE " deal..
The road is in great condition until about 1 mile past the Avon fork then it's very rocky .. Be careful
A 2 wheel drive could make it but this is a 4 WD road ..
Once you catch some elevation the views are stunning .. Well worth the drive .. Once on top you will come to the Willard Basin Sign . ( it's a big sign on the right) .
Now your descending into Willard basin in 2 miles you'll come to a spring ( black poly pipe with running water on south side of road ) stop and have a drink " Fresh & Pure" on your right there are camp grounds with Fire Pits and Picnic Tables ..
Also this is where you should park your car, truck , SUV , 4 wheeler ect..
The trail head to hike to Willard Peak and then onto Ben Lomond is on your left .. There are 4 or 5 trails you want the one that goes around the east side of the pond .. Just start hiking your best guess and when you see the pond change over to the correct one , or keep hiking the one your on .. All of them lead to the same place .. The hike to Ben Lomond from here is 3 miles so 6 miles ( round Trip )
Watch out for Rattle Snakes this is a bad year for them ( note : it is against the law to kill a rattlesnake in Utah) so f you encounter one just stand way back and give it some room in a few minutes it will move away and you can continue your hike ..
Wild flowers every where ..
If you decide to continue to Inspiration Point it's 2 miles further ..once on top of the world " great at night watching the sunset "
There's a nice Bench on one end .. Enjoy and have fun .. Happy Trails

off road driving
5 months ago

As of June 28, 2016 they had the road closed to motor vehicles about 5 miles before Inspiration Point (due to some fallen trees across the road).

If you decide to walk the rest of the way, keep an eye out for the trail that forks off to the left toward Willard Peak, it is a *much* shorter walk, especially to the peaks, than following the actual road to Inspiration Point.

6 months ago

I couldn't make it to inspiration point but I made it to Avon in Liberty

off road driving
1 year ago

Traffic was a bit more than we like but a good morning ride.

1 year ago

What a great way to take my jeep out for a little ride! It was a lot longer then I remembered in the past, but still a great ride! Not recommended for cars or trucks with low ground clearance. Has some rock spots at times, ground clearance with beefer tires highly recommended.

1 year ago

I had so much fun on this drive. Lots of scenery and not a lot of people. Nice to just get away with my jeep!

1 year ago

What a awesome area. Took the ride to Inspiration Point and hike Willard Peak and continued on to Ben Lomond. I saw a lot of great country today. Well worth the ride up.

off road driving
3 years ago

Great Sunday drive. Takes some time, and must be done in late Summer/early fall. The wildflowers were beautiful and the view at the top is absolutely breathtaking. Truly called Inspiration Point for good reason.

off road driving
5 years ago

Road is in good shape even with the run off. Ran into snow drifts about 4 miles in and had to turn back.