Harris Wash

DIFFICULTY 2 reviews

Harris Wash is located near Escalante, UT. The trail is primarily used for birding.


1 month ago

went in for 3 nights. originally planned to go the whole way. but after we only made it 4 miles the first day because of starting too late in the day. we decided to make a base camp and do day hikes. the hike in is pretty tough. no clear trail and constantly crossing the stream. bring a GPS with maps for the area. the first 5 miles aren't bad but after that the plants are very thick and funding a way through takes a long time. or you get lots of cuts. walking in water would be easier but water is cold in the spring and fall. also lots of quicksand. nothing too dangerous.

4 years ago

We did this as a day hike, and didn't hike the entire length of the wash to the Escalante River. The first two miles of this hike, until you reach the fence separating the grazing cattle from the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, are very unpleasant, since you are walking through a heavily grazed area that is rife with cattle droppings and tracks in and around the wash. The remainder of the hike is quite pleasant, but if you are doing an out-and-back you will get to experience the cattle again upon your return to your vehicle, which puts a damper on what might have been a pleasant day or more hike.