Onion Creek Park

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Onion Creek Park is located near Austin, TX. The trail is primarily used for hiking. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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horseback riding
8 months ago

Onion Creek Park is actually two parks: Dog park and a Horse park. The dog park starts at the playground and runs a trail about a mile long. Midway down the trail there is a trail to the left to the river. A great place for the dogs to play -- the river is only a few inches deep here. On the other side is the equestrian area. Bikers and hikers can go here also. Miles and miles of trails. Warning: Stay on the trails! There are areas that look like nice meadows but actually they are boggy. Since this area is surrounded by the river, it often gets flooded. You can see flood debris in the bushes and trees 10-12 feet up. A local equestrian group cleans up and maintains the trails. Horse trailer parking consists of just pulling over next to the curb to park. Fantastic place to ride especially during the summer Texas heat because lots of the area is tree covered.