Four C Trail

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Four C Trail is a 40 mile out and back trail located near Kennard, TX and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and camping and is accessible from September until May.

40.0 miles 190 feet Out & Back



28 days ago

Hiked this trail as an overnight with a couple of buddies from Texas Backpacking Network. The trail is very easy with minimal elevation change (typical of the area). I liked the trail because of its proximity to home, but it could really use some work. Lots of stepovers and blown down trees as well as overgrown grass in several areas. Lots of potential however. A trail association could easily clean up the entire trail in a weekend with only a handful of volunteers.

1 month ago

Worst trail I have ever been on. Trail is poorly marked and continually drops you off in the middle of deer blinds. I do not suggest this trail to anyone.

1 month ago

We love this trail. We will be hiking it thru, from Ratcliff Lake to the Bluff and back this weekend for the 40. Stoked.

4 months ago

The Four-C trail isnt the most exciting trail, but its one of the only overnight trails in East Texas. Ive hiked it 4 times now one way and its always quiet and a bit wild. You can get dropped off at Ratcliff Recreational area, or the Neches Bluff Overlook, and picked up at the other for a shorter trip. The trail is under maintained in many areas, passing through private property that is often not well marked. The trail can be unmarked in some sections, but if your out for an overnight hike, you've probably got the common sense to find your way. I'd suggest a trip in the early spring or fall, when the mosquitoes and humidity are low. The shack in the middle point was in poor shape, possibly the roof caught fire during a controlled burn from pine needles on top? it rained and i had to sleep all the way to one wall to get away from the rain splatter. I have seen multiple venomous and non-venomous snakes on the trails so use caution. Geocaches are plenty along the trail if you cant find them, often just a pile of burnt plastic from the prescribed burns or just a film canister. Ive only run into 1 group of people the 4 times i've done it, so not too busy of a trail. I recomend plenty of bug spray, a hammock with mosquito netting, and plenty of water. Like I said, its not the ozark trail, but its all we got :)

9 months ago

My girlfriend and I did a two day hike on this trail 2/27/2016-2/28/2016. We started at the southern trailhead by Ratcliff Lake and hiked about 11 miles then setup camp. The trail is very well marked and even though there are some places where trees have fallen on the path which require you to make small detours, we never had any issues finding the trail.

I read a few recent reviews that stated the shelter at Walnut Creek Camp was no longer there, however this information is incorrect. The shelter is still there and aside from what appeared to be a burned hole in the roof, is in good shape.

Overall it was a blast hiking this trail. We may start from the northern trailhead next time to get a different perspective.

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2 years ago

Great trail.

3 years ago

Went thru Ratcliff lake camping area. Sad to see how much damage from pine bore beetles. :(

4 years ago

My brother and i hiked this trail together and we both enjoyed it. Scenery changes every couple of miles which was nice. There is a nice shelter we stayed in that is almost at the halfway point. A bad storm came through and the shelter did leak a bit, but we were still able to stay dry.

5 years ago

Great trail...Bring Plenty of Water!! No potable water on the trail.