4 - C National Recreation Hiking Trail

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4 - C National Recreation Hiking Trail is a 20 mile point-to-point trail located near Kennard, TX that features a lake. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

20.0 miles Point to Point





8 months ago

We hiked the trail March 17/18, 2016. A bridge was washed out by the recent rains but with some effort we made it past that point. No one at the ranger station told us this (we called before we began) and we had placed our water on the other side of this bridge which was 5 miles (about) into the hike. If we hadn't made it past (we ran into others that didn't make past) we would have not had water for the second day. The camp site seems to be farther than 9 miles and the map is not very helpful but the trail is well marked. The further we hiked the more bridges were out. Some had obviously been out for awhile. Lots of trees were down and it seemed that the further into the hike we got the less maintained the trail was. We did not mind since we liked the challenge. Oh, and parts of the forest were still burning from a recent fire but nothing that had us alarmed. We just walked past. We would do it again!

1 year ago

I hiked the 20 miles in a little over two days. The trails were easy to hike and was able to form a steady pace along the way.
The trails were well marked by trees which were placard by white tags and the creeks had well maintained bridges for easy passage.
I crossed several park service roads, none had signs which would have confirmed exactly where I was in relation to the map that I had.
On the third morning, I needed more water and was able to safely filter some water from a flowing creek.
Please note that the area surrounding the trails is also designated for public hunting.
To make sure I wasn't a potential target, wore a bear ball, a blaze orange hat and a basic light weight blaze orange vest that was position over my backpack an draped over the shoulder straps.

1 year ago

Hiked 10 miles up from the south entrance. Trail was well worn, flat, mostly shady and well marked. After the 10 mile sign things got more overgrown. Couldn't find the campsite that was supposed to be 9 miles in and it was getting dark so we had to make camp without finding the site. Be aware that you must bring or cache any water on this trail as heavy metals prevent the water from being filtered.

1 year ago

I have hiked the trail both ways. North to south and south to north. Neat bridges. Lots of pine. A bit monotonous. Very flat.