Twin Arches Trail

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Twin Arches Trail is a 1.4 mile out and back trail located near Oneida, TN that offers scenic views and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

1.4 miles Out & Back



Directions from Crossville: Take I-40 eastbound, exit at U.S. 127 and travel north to TN 154. Turn off Hwy. 154 onto Fork Ridge Road, turn left onto Divide Road for 3.5 miles, turn right on Twin Arches Road and drive 2 miles to Trailhead.

21 days ago

26 days ago

I loved it, it was cloudy cool and very beautiful. We only did the 1.4 Mike, next time I would like to do the full thing 27th Jake's Place, and Chariot Creek Lodge.

1 month ago

*Facilities at the trail head*
This was a fantastic hike! If you're thinking about doing it, but may push it to the back burner due to the driving distance (2+ hours from Knoxville, TN)....forget about the distance, and DO IT. You will not be disappointed, I promise.
The trail was challenging, but not too strenuous. The stairs getting up and down from the arches are VERY steep, but doable. There is also a giant rock overlook that you can go checkout, before heading down to the Arches (trail is not marked, but just keep going past the both set of stairs, and climb will know it when you get there).
What is so very cool, is that when you see the Arch to the west, you will then realize that at one point, you were actually walking ON TOP of this massive structure, and didn't even know it!!
If you are familiar with the panoramic option on your cell phone for photos, I suggest using's pretty much the only way you will ever get the entirety of either of the Arches in one single photo. They are massive!
There is an option to take a trail down past the arches to Slave Falls, or get back in your vehicle and drive to Slave Falls. Just keep in mind that there are NO restroom facilities at the falls....only at the Arches trail head.
Whether or not you decide to make the drive or trek to Slave Falls, I HIGHLY recommend that you hike around the south side of the sandstone absolutely will NOT be disappointed. The massive outcropping of the sandstone just keep going, and going. You will be awestruck by the sheer massivness of what will stand before you.
I have added many of these images to the gallery here, so you can see what else is in store for you.

5 months ago

Love the arches. Stairs will make your legs burn.

9 months ago

Awesome trail! Amazing arches! Stairs can be a little challenging but otherwise an easy hike. Well maintained trail and easy to follow.

1 year ago

Loved this hike! I like hikes with a destination and this one was unique and worth going the steps. Go slow on the stairs and enjoy the gorgeous arch formations! Not a long hike, but we were still tired as it was our second hike for the day and involved quite a few stairs.

1 year ago

This is a beautiful, relatively easy trail. My three year old had no troubles with this hike. Lots of wildlife, beautiful limestone caverns, and some wicked awesome stairs. I can't wait to get back and take this hike again!

1 year ago

Walked this short trail with my teen children yesterday afternoon. Saw lots of wildlife -deer, turkey, a single yearling black bear. Also, walked up on top of arch and saw a 4'5ft rattlesnake, it didn't alert until my daughter was nearly standing on it. Be cautious, take the steps slow, and watch your surroundings - this is worth the walk.

4 years ago

A nice trail that is not very difficult. A person who has trouble with steps would have serious problems, but for the average hiker this is a good leg-stretcher. Combine it with a visit to Charit Creek Lodge (without doing the entire loop), and you've got a nice 3.6 mile hike. Beautiful scenery, stunning arches!

4 years ago

This trail is definitely not difficult. It is pretty easy with the exception of some steep steps that lead you atop the North Arch to a second set of steps. The arches are just gigantic. A truly amazing sight to see.