Phillips Hollow Trail

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Phillips Hollow Trail is a 7 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Greeneville, TN that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

7.0 miles 2680 feet Out & Back


trail running





washed out

This trail is definitely not for amateurs. There is several places that require crossing through the creek over boulders, some places as deep as 3 to 4 ft of wading. Rocks were very slippery as well as covered in moss. Much of the trail seemed to be washed out. This trail is for ADVANCED Hikers.

2 months ago

It was great. I think we went past Phillips Hollow to Artie Hollow. We turned back when we saw a Momma Bear and two cubs.

3 months ago

2 years ago

Fairly easy hike until it branches off with the Artie hollow trail. If you take a right, it's basically straight up to the AT.

2 years ago

Loved this trail! Several waterfalls along the way. (The Artie Hollow Trail, from the left, meets up with this one about 2 miles up. It's marked with trail tape where it branches off.) I would rate this trail as moderate to strenuous. There are numerous creek crossings and there are places you have to look for the blazes. They are there, but can take a second or two to find. The trail meets up with the AT I think and becomes more of an uphill climb past the Artie Hollow trail. The Spruce Thicket trail also branches off this trail not too far into the trail but I've never been able to find it.
This trail is worth hiking, but it is better in the fall after the leaves have fallen and more of the waterfalls can be seen. There is a very large tree trunk obstructing the path and must be climbed around or gone through. There is a muddy area around the trunk so watch your footing.

3 years ago

Very difficult trail... For ADVANCED hikers!! I added the pictures, wrote the Overview and the Description for this trail... Enjoy!!