Overmountain Victory Trail: Hampton TN to Yellow Mountain Gap NC

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Overmountain Victory Trail: Hampton TN to Yellow Mountain Gap NC is a 4.7 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Roan Mountain, TN that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding.

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wild flowers



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2 months ago

I enjoyed this trail. We hiked it in mid September and the wildflowers in the pastural areas were beautiful. There are some nice long range views in spots but I feel this is a trail that is more about your immediate surroundings than the views. Last part of trail up to the AT is a nice uphill wooded walk. This trail is is a workout on the way up.

1 year ago

I completed the Overmountain Victory foot trail today starting in Roan Mountain, Tennessee at Hampton a Creek State Natural Area. Although this is a point-to-point trail I had to do a round trip. I did the trip with 2 separate tracks, 1 northbound and 1 southbound. The Overmountain Victory trail starts in Virginia but most of it is a scenic drive. I found the foot trail closest to me and walked all,of,it which was about 5 miles one way. If you are doing the round trip starting from the Tennessee side I suggest camping near or staying at the red barn shelter which can be found on the North Carolina side of Yellow Mountain Gap. To get there you need only follow the blue blazes immediately after you intersect with the Appalachian Trail. They will lead you down hill to,a forest service road where you make a right and it dead ends at the barn in less than half a mile. There is a picturesque view of the valley right before you get to the barn. As for the trail, it's challenging due to the uphill climb all the way to Yellow Mountain Gap. You will cross a couple,of,foot bridges within a mile of the Hampton trail head and many mountain streams. More than half your hike will be through meadows and cow pastures but always within sound of the creek until you finally head into the woods. My northbound track has all the pictures along the way where the trail is marked with a brown Overmountain Victory (OVM) trail marker on a brown post. White plastic triangles mark some of the trees when you get into the woods. The trail started as a grassy footpath that then turned into a gravel/dirt road. There were many gates to open and close and I suggest leaving any gate the way it was when you passed through it. Most of the gates were closed with a chain. I passed 2 dozen cattle in one meadow I had to walk through but thankfully I didn't see a bull. Most pasture trails followed the side of a wood line or barbed wire fence. Once you get into the woodland portion of the hike, the trail forks. Take the right fork and your are now on a single foot path. As you get closer to the top of the mountain it gets wide like an ATV trail. At the top of the mountain are some monuments related to the Mountain Men. Cross the AT following blue blazes and take a left almost immediately off the blue blazes. The OMV trail will follow a grassy path next to the wide line and it could be very overgrown even though you still see the narrow footpath. It will make an immediate U turn into the woods and follow a creek all the way to the North Carolina trail head where hopefully you have a car parked. On the northbound track I didn't follow the OVM trail the way I came but instead took the service road all the way to the blue blazes and then back up to the AT. Enjoy re-stepping this little piece of history that had a huge impact on outcome of the Revolutionary War and our freedom but please be respectful of the family property and farms you will ultimately be walking through. You will have crossed over the highest peak of any OVM foot trail at 4682 feet (Yellow Mountain Gap).