Hiwassee River, Tennessee: Powerhouse to Reliance

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Hiwassee River, Tennessee: Powerhouse to Reliance is a 5.5 mile trail located near Reliance, TN. The trail is primarily used for whitewater kayaking.

5.5 miles

whitewater kayaking

24 days ago

Amazing. Crystal clear water. Some nice ledges. Love it

1 month ago

Wait on the water! Best on a hot summer day. Very refreshing. I've been down the upper on raft, and the lower on tube and kayak.

7 months ago

I like to run this river a couple of times yr because of how close I live to it. I would definitely recommend going after it has rained a couple of days before, as I hit rocks on my kayak, which makes for a wild unexpected ride at times. I like to take the kids down the lower river, from the outfitters to the parking area under 411 bridge. My kids are 4/5/8. But overall I love this place. I also like when the train rides by carrying people who wave.

whitewater kayaking
4 years ago

we go tubing here every year. great trip. Webb Brothers store at Reliance is the best outfitter. the river flows through the Cherokee National Forest. Gorgeous! River has Class I & II rapids with one III. makes for great tubing.