Fiery Gizzard Trail to Raven's Point

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Fiery Gizzard Trail to Raven's Point is a 9.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Tracy City, Tennessee that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

9.1 miles 1459 feet Loop

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This trail is considered one of the top 25 hiking trails in the United States. Hikes can view spectacular rock formations, cascading streams, waterfalls, rocky gorges, panoramic overlooks and lush woodlands. It begins on top of Mont Eagle mountain and descends into Savage Gulf and private property. The creek that runs through is clean cold and gorgeous. Since it is private property there is one camp site where fire is not permitted. It is a difficult to strenuous trail, but worth every step. It features great views waterfalls and primitive home of the local indians. A must for any souther outdoorsman.

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The falls are spectacular!

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Beautiful trail but VERY rocky down at the bottom of the canyon, was extremely challenging just after a rain! Very nice waterfalls and river views. Ravens point worth the side trip with great long range views!

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Grundy forest day loop to raven's point via the fiery gizzard gorge trail (hard) and back to parking lot on the dog hole trail (easy) took 6 hours at a pretty quick pace.
POI: waterfalls, rock formations, creek and rapids, trees
Difficulty: hard--the trail started out fairly easy on the day loop. After crossing the bridge to the fiery gizzard we took a right to the "gorge trail". This trail follows the creek for the most part. It does wind up and down the mountain becoming unclear at times to where the trail is. White markers are visible almost all of the time to lead the way BUT there are several trees down that block the visibility of the markers. The first obstacle we came to was a huge tree that had fallen over a rock staircase going downhill. Other places where it was challenging to navigate were on the bouldering sections--which were quite fun. TONS of rocks to jump to and from. You could easily roll an ankle. The rocks are great and add another element to the trail--just be careful. Overall my favorite part of the trail was the shaded creek area with the beautiful trees and rock formations. This section reminds me of the smoky mountains. One thing to note is that if you want to hike the entire fiery gizzard (13 miles one way) in one day there was a posting on the foster falls side about a local who offers a "taxi" service. His phone number is posted on the bulletin board in front of the bathrooms. I honestly thought about doing the trail and hitchhiking back to my car. It could be done. Especially the day we were there (Saturday). Lots of people stopping to see the foster falls.

If you are at sycamore falls there is a side trail that ends at the top of the falls where the view isn't too good. For a better view go to the base. There is a fallen tree across the creek that you can easily walk across. Make sure you continue on the trail with white markers.

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Beautiful hike. Do the dog hole loop and connect back with fiery gizzard to truly enjoy the waterfalls.

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Easy in parts hard in others. It is worth a weekend get away.

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I volunteered for a marathon out here. The trail is still off limits to the public, as it is privately owned. You can still get to Ravens Point via Dog Hole Trail

Nice hike, the Dog Hole trail is easier to walk on than all the rocks by the riverbank.

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Hiked ravenwood loop 11/5. Wonderful hike. Not crowded at all and scenery the entire way gorgeous. Loved!!

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