Burns Branch There-and-Back Trail

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Burns Branch There-and-Back Trail is a 2.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Franklin, TN and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and horses and is accessible year-round. Horses are also able to use this trail.

2.8 miles 321 feet Out & Back

kid friendly


horseback riding


3 months ago

Flat out and back that connects two of the Trace pull off areas. Runs along creek whole way so it gathers run off and can be wet. At least 6 creek crossings, only one of which has a bridge at this time. 840 construction not an issue (completed long ago) and trail passes under the highway (overgrown segment). To me the creek crossings are the allure of this one, while I was able to navigate all of them without wet feet I could see it being a hassle for others if the creek is higher.

6 months ago

1 year ago

Muddy but really pretty. LOTS of horse poo everywhere though. I'd do it again. It was a very simple hike.

2 years ago

Contrary to the description, this is a horse path first and hikers are a distant afterthought. Not a good trail for people on foot. Muddy trail littered with horse excrement that crosses back and forth over the creek, in many places without a bridge for hikers. Hiking is less enjoyable to me with wet feet, and it's difficult to avoid wet feet on this trail. It also runs right along the side of the Trace, so traffic is always nearby, and 4 lanes of Hwy. 840 run over the top of it, right in the middle of the trail. For those who don't know, 840 is an interstate highway in everything but name, so it's extra loud and can be heard on much of the trail. The big destination is a placard marking the edge of the Tennessee Valley, a turnout that is accessible by car from the Trace. A fine trail for horses, but for hikers, avoid this and check out one of the trails on the Trace that's actually designed for people on foot. For what it's worth, Garrison Creek up the road is part of the same trail.

4 years ago

We enjoyed this hike. We were able to hike across the 840 construction, which was strange & did take away from the hike. In the end it wasn't all that bad. We went with 4 adults & 6 children 6 years & younger. It was warm so they enjoyed splashing through the creek, but we did have to carry them across at a couple spots. We will do it again soon.

4 years ago

Trail runs along Burns Brach, however, that runs beside the Parkway for the entire hike. It is now about two (2) miles long as the trail ends into the construction of Highway 840. Trail was very muddy at times. You are only about 75' from the trace, so it's not private at all. Do not recommend this hike. Several creek crossings that could be unsafe for small kids as well, and adults too really.