Hidden Falls Trail

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Hidden Falls Trail is a 5.1 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Mountain Rest, SC that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, trail running, and nature trips.

5.1 miles 848 feet Out & Back


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A 2.75 mi hike that ends in a stunning waterfall.

3 months ago

This is a nice little trail branching off the Foothills Trail in Oconee State Park. We only met two other couples the whole time we were out, and I understand that this is fairly normal for this trail (not very heavily traveled) but I don't know for sure. I would rate the hike easy to moderate, with only a few places that might challenge the inexperienced hiker/walker. Even the "hard" hills are pretty short lived, and they are concentrated near the falls. The rest of the trail is a walk in the woods. Even if you struggle, the hike is worth the effort for the waterfall at the end. It is small, but cool. You can climb up to it if you dare, but I personally don't recommend being too daring because it can be very dangerous. It is probably best enjoyed from down below. I gave this trail four stars because it has a waterfall; otherwise I feel it is a solid three stars, simply because it is an ordinary, no-frills foot path. Other then the waterfall, this is just like any other trail with no real views or high points. I love to walk in the woods, but to me, four stars has to be more than just a walk in the woods...it was the waterfall that did it.

3 months ago

Great trail! Waterfall was worth the hike- not much traffic either. My dog loved it!

5 months ago

One of the best experiences I've had. The trail wasn't too difficult, but the waterfall is worth any trek. Able to get in the waterfall and crawl around among the different tiers of the falls. Hardly any traffic on the trail, and we were the only people at the waterfall. Definitely a cool destination!

6 months ago

From the lake Oconee office we hiked around the lake till we came to the chestnut trail, which we followed until we saw signs for the hidden falls, took us from a little after 3pm till around 6:45pm. I would rate it a moderately difficult hike, with the most intensity coming in at the very end towards the falls. Watch your footing on the way out, the trail is narrow and the drop is pretty steep down into the leaves and tree tops. Be sure to bring water, a camera, and maybe a snack bar or two, and plan to be out before dark as it is black bear country.

7 months ago

7 months ago

The trail was well marked from beginning to end. One section was slightly confusing as you walk down and old road bed for about 100 yards, then need to veer off on the trail to the left. It would have been easy to stay on the road bed. The last quarter of the hike to the falls was narrow with some switchbacks, edged by a steep drop. The falls were beautiful and not crowded during our time there. My wife and I spent about two hours laying on the rocks relaxing and listening to the falls.

Not recommended for dogs only because of the last quarter of the hike.

1 year ago

The reviews below tell the story of this hike. Not a lot of crazy views on this hike but is a great 5.5 miles from the Foothills Trail Connector inside Oconee State Park. The GPS from this trail will take you a back way into the park and you will only have to walk 1.2 miles to get to hidden falls. Either way it's a great hike with a cool waterfall at the end. I've seen a few of the falls in the area and this one is still worth seeing :)

2 years ago

When we first started along this trail, it wasn't that great. It did get better as we went along, and by the end, there was a treat. The waterfall was beautiful. The hike was just OK. If you love waterfalls, then I would recommend this, but if you don't, then there are prettier trails around.
*Also note that as of 7/12/14 there are many pictures of station cove falls on this page. Both are beautiful, but these other pictures could be misleading.

4 years ago

At first I was not super impressed with this trail. It's a nice walk through the woods, but most the views are blocked and it seemed like a pretty easy walk. However, once I got to the end it was completely worth it. The waterfall here is really high, but it's in steps so you can actually climb onto the waterfall. There is a very strenuous/slightly dangerous trail up the side you can take to climb all the way to the top of the falls. The hike back is a lot more strenuous than the hike there. The hike back is mostly uphill. Overall the falls at the end make this hike worth the trek. Also, it seems like this trail does not get much traffic. We only saw one other group and they did not stay at the falls for long.