Asbury Trail Loop Hike

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Asbury Trail Loop Hike is a 5.5 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Cleveland, SC that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from March until November.

5.5 miles 1318 feet Loop

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great river crossing, superb waterfall and cave, excellent trail routing First and foremost, get permission from the camp to use this trail!!. This is an excellent trail, I saw deer, turkey, and numerous other wildlife not to mention the wide array of wildflowers along the way. The grade is not to bad and there are numerous stream crossing the best being the cable crossing over Matthews Creek. After Matthews Creek you will eventually come to Moonshine Falls and cave. This is an excellent rest place. The 40 foot waterfall makes for great photo ops. I am not going to tell you all the secrets of this gem but I strongly suggest you find them for yourself. The trail markers are sketchy and there are a lot of side trails so be sure to get a map from the camp and talk to them about conditions. This is a relatively secluded hike as the camp owns most of the trails. You may also want to get in touch with Caesars Head Park as part of the trail after Matthews Creek is shared with their trail system for a short way before cutting off to the right.

3 months ago

We enjoyed this trail , but it was not without navigational challenges.
As mentioned, the trail head is on private property, which is gated. Office hours are M-F 9-5.

The trail to the Matthews Creek cable bridge crossing is easy. The cable crossing is fine - fun for some and a do-able challenge for others.

After the creek, to get to Moonshine Falls, turn RIGHT at the post which indicates a trail both left and right. This is the Naturaland Trail in Caesars Head SP blazed pink
Eventually you come across a cairn of stones, turn right here to get to Moonshine Falls.

Note this is NOT a loop trail. just before the falls you will see long branches blocking the trail and beyond there it is not maintained. You will need to come back and cross the cable bridge again to re-trace your steps.

if you take a left at the Trail/Trail sign, after Matthews Creek, there is another pretty falls after about 0.8m.

6 months ago

First of all, please note that there is no loop. The map here might show it, but the main office and a hiker on the trail confirmed to us that there is no loop. It's just called the Asbury Trail. The trail is not too difficult and the trail is marked very well. (It's located in a private, Pentecostal camp ground that also has a girl scout and boy scout camping area. But the public is welcome and the people int he office were very nice, even providing us a map.). The hike slightly off-trail to the Asbury Falls was really not worth it. The trail in that section is very difficult and very much an incline. The view was not worth it. The falls were a trickle of water. Moonshine Falls, on the other hand, was definitely worth it. Nice view and you get to see some rusted old barrels were they obviously made moonshine at one time. Careful of the two-cable bridge. It's literally 2 cables and you use them to walk over the rough waters near the girl scout camp. On the way back we decided to take something called the "lake loop." It was not marked very well and we ended up going through some marshy areas. The trail is rarely used. You could tell by the growth on the trail. Overall, a very nice hike. (we totaled 6 miles) and it was free.

9 months ago

Completed this trail today. The trail was well marked while on the camp property. The cable across Matthews Creek was a lot of fun. After Matthews Creek, the trail was easy to follow and the rock piles were helpful to keep me on the right path. Moonshine Falls is a nice waterfall, but the old moonshine barrels sort of take away the beauty of the falls. I would do this hike again.

1 year ago

A very nice and fun hike. Many of the photos you see above are of Moonshine falls. Not all that well marked and you have to scramble a bit through some overgrowth but well worth it.
The cable bridge is definitely a fun river crossing just know if you head out there with dogs carry a long leash and know that your dog will cross the water.
We went during "off season" in Feb and didn't see a single other person

1 year ago

very cool area. gotta be careful if you go here. very easy to get lost. lots of side trails and part of it goes through a summer camp. you almost feel as if you are trespassing, but its not the case. there are some boy and girl scout camps back on the trail, it crosses over matthews creek a few times. the moonshine falls is very gorgeous and awesome. but that area, the trail fades out and you should just turn back. we kept going and the trail slowly faded into nothing but skinned places on trees and small sapling broken over to mark it. very sketchy. we ended up completely losing the trail and had to bush wack our way through about 1 mile of terrain that the vietcong would have turned back from. all in all a great area to dayhike. just remember to stay on well made paths.

2 years ago

This is a beautiful hike not too tough not to easy. Plenty of waterfalls and swimming holes.

3 years ago

This is a really nice and easy hike. I would rate this as a moderate trail to someone who doesn't hike often. When crossing the cable bridge, I do recommend a firm grip and take your time crossing. If you are coming from Asbury Methodist Camp, there are trail maps at the kiosk at the end of their driveway near the basketball court/trail head. When taking the Asbury trail, the red blaze, there are several trails that fork off of the main trail that are worth seeing like the Cascade Trail and the Asbury Falls trail. When you cross the cable bridge, follow the path to another trail, Natureland Trail (there is a wooden post with a pink blaze). Turn right at the post and follow the trail to a rock pile and turn right (there is an orange streamer hanging on a tree). Follow that trail until you get to another rock pile and turn right there also. This trail is the one that goes to the spur trail for Moonshine Falls (on the left side with another rock pile). You can access the Asbury trail system before May and after Labor day. This is private property and they are a summer camp. Also, you need to call the before you go there to hike to make sure it is okay to access their property and also to get the gate code should it be locked.