Westerly Town Forest Trail

MODERATE 10 reviews

Westerly Town Forest Trail is a 2.8 mile loop trail located near Westerly, RI. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and trail running. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

2.8 miles 246 feet Loop

dog friendly


trail running

Very well marked trails through the westerly town forest, with multiple loops and side trails, including one tote Pawcatuck river.

4 days ago

Good trails clear paths and marked well

21 days ago

A nice series of trails for a good dog walk. Easy, clean, well maintained trails.

1 month ago

There are 3 loops linked together. None of them are long (longest was 1.25 miles). There is a clear map and trail markings, but maps that used to be posted where the loops meet have been torn down. The trails are easy to follow, and there are very mild inclines that are barely noticeable. Not sure why this trail is rated as moderate. It was easy. Definitely dog friendly and children could easily walk this trail too.

cross country skiing
1 year ago

This hike was covered in more rough and narrow trails. Definitely more "deep woods". We did not smell the ammonia stench that a few other reviewers referenced. Though there were plenty of bugs (OFF is highly recommended). However, we definitely got a nice workout from the rugged terrain.

Did not like the power lines!

1 year ago

Westerly Town Forest is one of my happiest places on earth. It is dog and kid friendly; a well marked trail through beautiful scenery. I highly recommend this trail to hikers and runners of all abilities.

1 year ago

Kool runnings! However, an ammonia like waft hangs around the forest, due perhaps to a farm on the perimeter. An awful reek!

1 year ago

Make sure you get the kind of day where the wind is blowing! Although, this is a cool running trail, many roots and rocks, be aware that there is an ammonia-reek from a barn somewhere on the perimeter of this Forest. Whew, it was an awful reek!

3 years ago

Two entrances, white and red trail (markers on trees). White trail contours water and meets up with red with a picnic table. Easy walk.

3 years ago

Westerly Town Forest is my default trail running spot, as such I run there at least once a week. Variety comes in how you link the trails I switch things up running the perimeter one day, figure 8's the next its a great place to run when there is snow on the ground trails are pretty well graded and there are easy stream crossing. The only problem is that the starting point is also the highest point so your return will always be up hill. http://www.westerly.govoffice.com/vertical/sites/%7B3CFB1749-9DE7-4A17-B2EA-594A2B09CB46%7D/uploads/%7BBAFE53AD-285A-43B0-9482-2FB73295524E%7D.PDF