Vin Gormley Trail and Kimball Wildlife Refuge

MODERATE 3 reviews

Vin Gormley Trail and Kimball Wildlife Refuge is a 9.2 mile out and back trail located near Charlestown, RI and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

9.2 miles Out & Back


1 year ago

well I'm not sure about the in and back trail but we did the VIN Gormley trail and it went all the way around the pond. at first it's very hard to find the trail but you can start anywhere and then go all the way around it is some roads but not a lot.all in all a nice trail. not real great in the winter though, nothing really to look in the woods. but I'm glad I did it.

2 years ago

One mile is on the road but out of 8 that's not bad. this is a great walkway, I did it with a first timer and the road was a time for him to catch up. Great inclines and a few areas to climb boulders and have a snack and people watch. I don't write reviews normally but I was moved by the work the volunteers did to make this trail great for the campers who stay at Burlingame state park..... side note: 5 out of 5 bikers had to walk their bikes up rocks and I think that might be the reason they say this is a hiker trail not a riders path.

4 years ago

The Vin Gormley Trail is located in Burlingame State Park in Charlestown, RI. It is a long, but easy hike. It goes around Watchaug Pond, passing a boat launch and campground, going into deeper woods and some swampy areas. After about 2.5 miles you emerge out on a gravel road. But shortly you re-enter the hardwood forest. On your way, you will encounter some small ledges and Beech groves. And again, back on a road for some distance, before returning to the woods and a pine grove. I finally made it to the parking lot. Distance wise it was acceptable, but the trail was on some main roads too often for me.