Raymond B. Winter Trails

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Raymond B. Winter Trails is a 6.3 mile loop trail located near Hartley Township, PA that features a lake and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, camping, and cross country skiing and is accessible from April until December.

6.3 miles Loop

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The hiking trails pass through a variety of terrains with only short stretches of steep inclines. Trails within the park are marked and maintained with many of them connecting with trails in the surrounding Bald Eagle State Forest, making R.B. Winter an ideal starting point for backpacking trips.

4 months ago

Forgot to record my track, but it was a very pleasant 3-4mi hike. I started out on Rapid Run Nature Trail (easy), then connected to Boiling Spring Trail (easy with one uphill climb), then connected to Overlook Trail (easy gong this direction). It made for a nice loop. Now if you start out, from the parking area, up Overlook Trail you WILL get a moderate uphill climb. After enjoying your hike you could always relax with some fishing by the dam or cool off at the beautiful large beach.

1 year ago

absolutely amazing. the scenery is beautiful.

1 year ago

I came out to hike with a few friends, and I'm so glad we picked this location! We hiked two of the trails, the Boiling Springs and the Nature Trail, and loved both of them. The Boiling Springs trail was great for hiking over hills and rocks and was rougher than the Nature Trail (although still doable for someone mildly out of shape like myself). The Nature Trail was easier and absolutely gorgeous! We could have gotten through the Nature Trail in under an hour, but we had to keep stopping and going off the trail to admire the scenery and take some pictures. I cannot even describe how peaceful and beautiful it was. Definitely worth an afternoon, and we will be back!!

2 years ago

3 years ago

Tromped around that region some years ago. The Pennsylvania 'Ridge and Valley' land-form is worth the trip. And if one is in that region, a side-trip to Woolrich, Pennsylvania is well worth the drive. Yes, as in THAT Woolrich. Also, nearby White Deer Creek is what a designed and constructed trout stream would look like. Only Nature did it.