Colerain Trail

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Colerain Trail is located near Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania. The trail is primarily used for hiking.


6 years ago

A friend and I completed this trail as a start on a three day trip along the Mid State trail. It is a Mid state trail spur that starts at Colerain State Picnic area. It has two amazing vistas, both named Indian Loookout. One is on the trail and the other is further up the mountain, still on the trail but along the road to be enjoyed by others in vehicles. I have recently been on the trail as it is one of the areas my family hunts. Many hikers still enjoy it, although it is not overly crowded by any means. The trail is almost entirely uphill and will give you a workout. It meets the Mid State Trail at the top of the mountian. Lots of rocks, and is well known for rattlesnakes. Be careful, but don't let it stop you.