Allegheny Front Trail

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Allegheny Front Trail is a 39.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Philipsburg, PA that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from April until October.

39.1 miles 5108 feet Loop



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3 months ago

We started at the shingle mill approach trail on Tuesday night around 10.. finished around noon on Friday. Weather was perfect, park was beautiful!
a few places were a little confusing, they could use more blazes...
water sources were pretty good considering there was no rain for a few days..
I definitely will do this one again!

11 months ago

It was enjoyable. Beautiful views. Plenty of water supply. Multiple creek hopping.

1 year ago

Spent 2 nights on the trail and did about 28 miles. I had the updated guide and map from which was helpful for finding water and campsites. The allegheny front itself was very nice with 3 vistas. They were a bit grown in but not as bad as what previous reviews had me expecting them to be. Once you're past the front there isn't a whole lot to see and the forest was surprisingly not very dense and we were incredibly hot making for a not so enjoyable trip. The trails were very well maintained though and appeared to have been re-marked recently making it easy to follow.

1 year ago

I did this trail this past weekend. I started at Tram Rd. and Rattlesnake Pike and went clockwise around the trail. Started on Sunday at 9:30am and ended on Monday at 6:30pm. It was definitly a stretch for me to complete it in that time. Lots of snakes on the trail. Saw 7 total. 4 non-poisonous snakes, one copperhead, one water moccasion, and one very large and nervous timber rattlesnake. Watch your step. There are some really nice campsite along nearby to water. And next time I do the trail, I'll take more time and bring my fishing rod. Lots of great trout fishing along the trail. I used Ben Cramers guide. I'll attach the link below. However, I created a simpler guide from his that I could keep in my pocket. Let me know if you want it. (

3 years ago

We just finished this trail over the past couple days and it was a moderate-difficult trail. It is very rocky and your feet get soar pretty quick. The northern part of the trail was very nice, however when we got to the SE part of the trail both of our trail guides were wrong with campsite locations and the vistas were overgrown.

3 years ago

I hiked this trail a few years ago with 2 friends. There are some absolutely amazing views on this trail. We hiked in, camped for a night and hiked back out the next day, so I didn't see it all but what I did see makes me want to hike the whole trail.

5 years ago

This is a great spot for moderate hiking. Note that I didn't do the whole forty-mile loop, only about three hours in and back from the intersection of the Allegheny Front Trail with PA-504 (Rattlesnake Pike). Just in this short section of trail you can see some amazing vistas to the south and southeast. I was walking with a six-year-old and a four-year-old, and even though it was a pretty challenging hike for them (lots of scrambling up and down) they could appreciate the scenery and the trail's natural features (hidden springs, fallen trees, strange-colored mushrooms, interesting bugs, lizards, etc.)

6 years ago

The prettiest hike ever. 3 nites, 4 days. 70's. At lest 6 spectacular vistas to gaze from. The moshannon River, running red as clay. This is a do-over hike, it was that nice.