North Santiam River: Packsaddle County Park to Mill City

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North Santiam River: Packsaddle County Park to Mill City is a 6.5 mile trail located near Gates, OR. The trail is primarily used for whitewater kayaking.

6.5 miles

whitewater kayaking

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whitewater kayaking
5 years ago

Since I live at Fishermen's Bend Campground along the shore of this part of the river I get to frequent this run. It's a great run for all kinds of boaters, beginners can run it in a inner tube during late July and August, Intermediate experience with a boat in early summer and fall and only experienced kayaker's should do the river at flood levels in the winter and spring. This run has 4 rapids the first is Spencers Hole just South of Gates, a Class 3 that's fairly forgivable and should be scouted first,I wouldn't recommend a open canoe on it. Next is Mill City Falls another Class 3 that can be scouted from the Mill City bridge this fall is a simple 3' falls but warning, when the river floods it becomes a monster with a giant standing wall. Next is FishBend rapids (pictured above) a simple roller coaster ride along the park. Finally there's the rapid at Santiam State Park a 2' waterfall where there will be dozens of people sunning themselves on the rocks in the summer.