Mt. Brown Bonzai Trail Loop

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Mt. Brown Bonzai Trail Loop is a 4.6 mile loop trail located near Falls City, OR that features a great forest setting and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

4.6 miles 1246 feet Loop

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A mountain bike only trail with everything for every rider. From the main gate head north towards the trees, cross the road and up Socialist Valley Rd (probably not marked) to second gate. Follow fire road (don't go left on to Rickreall Rd, probably not marked) until you come to the basic training park. Take a few moments to practice on whatever obstacle you want (if you are into that & have the right bike), at least try the practice see-saw. Follow the fire road to the top of Mt. Brown (last 300 feet is single track), total climb is about 1,250 ft. Once on top, follow the single track to your left, at the "Y" go left for the easier trail, right is a black trail. Now enjoy 2.5 miles of downhill single track. On this trail, all jumps and obstacles have a ride around so you can try them or not. All jumps have manufactured landings. You'll cross the fire road at least twice, so look out for riders at those points. The trails are marked in places. Last 300 ft might be muddy. You will end your ride at the 2nd gate.

2 months ago

So is this a hiking spot or mountain biking only?

10 months ago

even though I've not hiked nor biked this trail the photo makes it welcoming,I think I might should try in my future to explore here

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11 months ago

2 years ago

This place usually isn't called mt. Brown but locally it's known as black rock

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3 years ago

Previous poster is an idiot, it is clearly posted as a mtn bike only area. But it is spectacular. Well laid out by lots of volunteers, tons of jumps, wood features and huge drops. Highly recommended!!! Check out for more info