Mount Washington Wilderness Area Trails

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Mount Washington Wilderness Area Trails is a 24.5 mile trail located near Sisters, OR and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible from July until October.

24.5 miles 4594 feet


4 years ago

Hiking/climbing Mt. Washington was quite a few years back and quite an experience. A buddy and myself parked near the lookout on Makenzie Pass Scenic route and took off hiking across the lava fields on the PCT around midnight, with headlamps. We were a bit young and dumb but invincible so that's all that mattered. Our packs had some canned food, trail mix and beer. Our packs were so heavy we tried to lighten the load as we stumbled across the lava fields half the night. Exhaustion caused us to roll out the bags and go to sleep after hours of hiking. When we awoke Mt. Washington loomed right in front of us and it was beautiful. We really wanted to eat some of those canned peaches for breakfast but forgot a can opener so had to beat it open with a rock!! Away we went, clear around to the back corner of the mountain. Seeing no trail to the summit we forged our own. Following a ridgeline up, it got very sketchy, but being committed, we perservered. We wound around to the NW corner and it was getting very sketchy. There was a pinnacle type rock jutting out over about what looked like a vertical mile drop. We posed on it for a pic....scary! We were within maybe 80 feet or so from the top and we could hear some guys on top. Their ropes were hanging down to where we were standing. We had no ropes and it was fairly vertical with that mile drop only feet away so we decided we'd done pretty good and better head back. We had no water either. LOL...not very prepared. It was a super fun experience though and treasured memory. I keep that scary pic posted on my desk.... Just bring rope for the final ascent.