Grotto Falls Trail

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Grotto Falls Trail is a 0.5 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Glide, OR that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running and is accessible year-round.

0.5 miles 187 feet Out & Back

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Walk behind this 100 foot waterfall in the Little River area of the Upper Umpqua River area. The glistening waters of this attractive waterfall invite visitors to experience a closer view. Water plunges 100 feet over a cliff with the trail passing behind the falls into a natural cavern. This trail is developed for hiker use only.

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Absolutely loved it the hike was great and the waterfalls were beautiful. Definitely one to check out and if you keep hiking up behind grotto falls there is plenty more to see

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Beautiful location. Once you come to the first waterfall...keep going there are two more up river. Absolutley worth the effort!! enjoy!!

10 months ago

Great views!

11 months ago

It can be a lot further than the 0.6 out and back... If you climb up behind the waterfall you can continue to hike and climb. A bit wet and slippery but fun. Several more waterfalls behind it.

3 years ago

A very short and easy hike to a beautiful waterfall. Should be no problem for kids as we saw several on the trail. We went in late August and I am sure there is a lot more water flowing over the falls earlier in the year. Beautiful nonetheless. We attempted the scramble up to the upper falls but chickened out as we should have had better hiking shoes. Steep and a bit unmarked. Next time we will be prepared for the higher falls. I tried to get a good photo of the grotto (cave) under the waterfall. See my track.

3 years ago

Our family hiked up to Grotto Falls in Umpqua National Forest, near Glide, Oregon. It was a short hike even for our six-year-old and my overweight self. There, I used the falling water to demonstrate motion after effect which is commonly known as the "waterfall effect". Check out our video about it:

4 years ago

This is a short hike. There is a picnic table and restroom where you park. The waterfall spills over rocks far enough where you can walk underneath the waterfall. Best flow is early spring. There are four more waterfalls if you hike above Grotto. It is difficult getting to the other falls as you have to climb up the steep hillside after Grotto and then you don't have true trails above. You will need to remain close to the water as you go above the falls. Very beautiful and you feel really secluded from things. Best to go with someone or at least tell someone you are tempting the falls above. There is a section where you can stand at the top of where Grotto falls spills over the edge of the rock.

4 years ago

When I hiked this the water flow was low. Late Spring would be best because I remembered a huge waterfall as a kid. Anyway, you walk behind the falls and the rock wall is cut away quite a bit underneath and is a fun place to just hang out.