Brice Creek: Upper Reaches to Row River

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Brice Creek: Upper Reaches to Row River is a 13 mile trail located near Dorena, OR. The trail is primarily used for whitewater kayaking.

13.0 miles 1650 feet

whitewater kayaking

2 years ago

This is a nice, easy trail. There is a pretty stream with lots of small waterfalls/rapids. There are swimming holes along the way. You may do all of it or there are a couple of options for shortening it if you cross the bridges. . Leaving a car shuttle is good if you want to exit upstream. Once you cross Brice Creek over a bridge, you would be walking back along the road anyway. As an out-and-back, it can be as long or short as you want. It is a good low elevation trail, accessible all year. The grade never gets very steep. It can be crowded on summer days and bicycles are allowed on the trail, so if you don't like to compete with bicyclists, this is not for you.