Beaver Lodge Nature Trail

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Beaver Lodge Nature Trail is a 3.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Broken Bow, Oklahoma that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, fishing, and fly fishing and is accessible from January until January. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

3.9 miles 488 feet Out & Back

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The southern trail head is the best location to begin the trail. The trail follows the river on the west bank, passing numerous cascades, near the end, the trail crosses the river via a foot bridge a short 100 yards before reaching the northern trail head. This bridge can be crossed and one can follow an unofficial trail looping back to the southern trail head on the east side of the river. Fisherman have worn a continuous path the full lenght of the trail, or simply return the way you came. Note: posted 1-24-12; The foot bridge just prior to the northern trail head is washed out and has been for some time. The river is fast moving and generally should not be forged. Return the way you came or you can follow an unofficial trail about 100 yds. further north to a parking lot at the base of the dam (visible from the foot bridge) CHECK WITH THE PARK OFFICE BEFORE HIKING THIS TRAIL TO SEE IF THE BRIDGE HAS BEEN REPLACED.

1 day ago

We found a trailhead near the playground across from the lodge but the trailhead name is Lakeview Lodge . Fun day, we had twin 5 year olds and they had no problem with the trail. It was well marked and well maintained. Never saw a waterfall but the lake level was very low.

6 days ago

Half the photos shown here do not appear to be from this trail. Didn't see a waterfall. Well manicured.

15 days ago

20 days ago

Was difficult to find at first. Trail head does not list this trail. Went Christmas morning. Nothing too exciting but was a good way to work off the Christmas food.

2 months ago

We couldn't find the trailhead or any markers. (And we weren't the only ones. We ran into another couple who had finally given up.) We followed what appeared to be a fisherman's trail along the river. It was not easy, but the scenery was nice. We had our four-legged babies with us, so we didn't venture too far (about 0.5 miles in and back) because it gets very steep in certain places. There has been a lot of flooding in these parts over the past year, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but even the trail marked on here is not the actual trail. It may be worth asking a ranger before heading out or a local- neither of which we did and I kind of regret now. We only had enough time to squeeze in one hike and I feel like we picked the wrong one...

3 months ago

it was a good trail, we did the shorter one because it was raining.

fly fishing
4 months ago

awesome place to visit

4 months ago

This trail had me very confused. The original map and description on this app is not Beaver's Lodge Trail. Google maps actually has markers for both trailhead locations that match the map given out by the state park. Needless to say, neither one of those locations led me to a trail.
I followed Spillway Rd. to what was suppose to be a trailhead. No markers or any kind of signs that a trail is present there. Hopped through some river boulders and made it to what looked more like a fisherman's trail (followed someone else's recording from here). NOT easy level. Sketchy path, close to river edge, some parts had me pretty nervous since I was with a three year old. Had to turn around.
Tried the second trailhead (marked on Google maps and park map), didn't see a trail at all.

So this review might be based on me getting lost but I really don't think so. This trail is listed in an article for the top 10 best trails in Oklahoma and it's the only one out of the 6 I've completed that had me truly dissapointed.

8 months ago

Great scenery. Runs right next to the river. The trail is a little washed out from when the river flooded in December. Great trail but not for someone who is looking for something listed as "easy" I picture an "easy" trail as something paved or that an elder could do. Just not wanting anyone to be mislead if that's what you're looking for.

10 months ago

Trail Quality: Trail was in good shape. I would give the trail itself 4 of 5 stars with 3 being average. A few down trees and a few wet sections, but easily avoided without getting wet. Elevation change was minimal and I would agree this is an easy trail for anyone willing to take on 4 miles of trails.
Scenery Quality: 3 of 5 stars here. Perhaps creek levels were down, but there was little water flow in the creeks. Didn't see any falls. The views along the lake were very nice. This was in March so very little green.

11 months ago

Fun hike with the kids...a good 2/3 of the trail is just bouldering along the river which is fun, but I wouldn't say "easy" (especially for young kids).

1 year ago

trail running
2 years ago

This trail is labelled as "easy". My concept of easy would be that I can take my grandmother on a hike on the nature trail (she uses a cane). However this wasn't the case. Evidently the park personnel opend the dam a few years back which washed out bridges that were essential to being able to use the full trail (you are supposed to cross the river) Well, it wasn't advised on the map that you couldn't pass the trail. This resulted in a very interesting hike alongside the river and steep bank that was actually really nice, yet relatively challenging for someone who isn't prepared because they had the impression that they were on a Nature Trail graded as Easy.

4 years ago

Fun little trail that is very scenic as it follows the river which has numerous cascades. The mature mixed forest timber is really sets off the river. Even though it appears heavily used, no one was on the trail the day I went. It would be a great hike for kids, just watch them around the water.

5 years ago

More of an afternoon 'wallk'. It can be more difficult, depends on the route you chose. Loop route available. out and back and point to point. Not so much a marked route..more of what you make it. A marked trail exists...just no need to follow it.