Twin Sister Falls Trail

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Twin Sister Falls Trail is a 1.4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Brecksville, Ohio that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.

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1 month ago

Prepare to get your feet wet if you want to see the falls after a previous rain fall or snow melting. Definitely one the of coolest spots in the CVNP though.

2 months ago

Lots of scrambling .. beautiful scenery. Great area

5 months ago

Agree with previous reviews about difficulty to find and difficulty to hike had there actually been much of a stream flowing, but certainly worth the trip. Park where this app takes you via maps, follow the trail, crossing over a small bridge. Head towards the overpass. Once you've gone under the overpass, you'll continue to walk a ways until seeing the Mudcatcher sign on your right. You'll cross the stream and see a path on the left of the rock formation. I hiked straight up the stream, as in early September there wasn't much to tread through. Can't speak to how it'd be with it.

A short but rewarding hike, as the falls were still beautiful despite the decreased water flow. I braved a hike up the right side of the bank (admittedly nearly a 90 degree angle) to see the top of the falls. Difficult, and I had to slide almost the entire way down to keep from falling to my death, but it was breathtaking to see the falls from the top, albeit terrifying.

Overall, definitely a hike to consider if you're up for a bit of off-roading. Photos truly don't do it justice; it is a hidden beauty.

6 months ago

Visited in the beginning of August. There was no water from the falls or in the river/creek, so I was able to hike up the river bed. Had to climb over/under a few fallen trees, but otherwise the hike wasn't too difficult. However, if there was water flowing, I imagine it would be difficult as I didn't see much of a clear path along the water. I'd like to check it out again when there's water.
It is somewhat difficult to find. Clicking "directions" via google maps takes you to the parking lot of one of the train stations, located near the intersection of Riverview Rd and Valley Pkway. From there, walk down the path toward and past the big bridge overhead (Rt 82). On the right, you will come to the Mudcatcher info sign. This is where you cross the stream and start the hike.

6 months ago

Adventurous and full of obstacles. The river was dry so there wasn't a waterfall but it was still beautiful! Can't wait to go back after we have some good rain.

7 months ago

The trail is hard to find. No signs. Thankfully from other reviews we found the entrance. Enter by the Mud Catcher and cross the creek. The creek to the falls was dry but still a fun hike. You must be able to climb over and under trees with unstable footing but nothing dangerous.

7 months ago

I am experienced in woods as I grew up playing and climbing in woods without trails. I am inexperienced as an adult on trails. It was dry so we walked right down where the water would have been. The kid in me really enjoyed all of the climbing and maneuvering to get to the falls, but it was a bummer that there was no water coming down the falls at all! Would love to go back and try again, but not sure where that single track is that James spoke of. Also, this site wasn't clear that you had to get off the towpath where the Mud Catcher sign is and walk across the stream. However, it felt so good on a 90 degree day to take off boots and socks and walk across cool water. All in all it was a learning experience and sure to do it again.

8 months ago

10 months ago

Twin Sister Falls is a hidden gem within the CVNP. Only for experienced hikers. Some serious single track once you cross the canal.