Moonville Tunnel Rail Trail

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Moonville Tunnel Rail Trail is a 2.1 mile point-to-point trail located near Athens, OH. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

2.1 miles 308 feet Point to Point

kid friendly



moonville tunnel is a 2.1 mile trail located near Athens, Ohio. The trail is primarily used for hiking.

25 days ago

I would say if you are going in the fall this is not the greatest trail, however the tunnel is something to see and it's a nice little trail walk to do and stop to have lunch or something. The reason it's not great in the fall is that the water levels are too high to cross the creek so the trail ends within a mile of its start. There is a huge log that you can cross "Dirty Dancing" style to keep going but it's slick and if your muddy shoes lose footing you are in some deepish water. So do this in the summer when the water feels nice. I took the alternate horse trail to make my hike longer and this was definitely more difficult and interesting, albeit incredibly muddy. It spits you out onto the road you drive in on and means you have a bit of a jaunt back to the trailhead via the main road.

2 months ago

Has a lot of trash, beer bottles and graffiti, trail was grown over some and if you go in the summer, lots of bugs, we had bugs swarming us almost the entire hike and I sprayed myself with anti-bug spray. Wasn't a lot of signs to give direction, had to ask people where it was located and other had to ask us when we were leaving

3 months ago

Great Hike! We took the short trail, and crossed the river on the rocks! Worth checking out, a lot of history!

4 months ago

10 months ago

Great hike! A lot of history. Get directions at lodge.

1 year ago

This was a long hike back through the woods. Myself, one of my sons and his girlfriend went here late at night, took no flash lights, had our phones only (lol) and wished otherwise. We all felt we experienced an entity there and definitely do believe that it is haunted. I won't go into the details of our trip, you must go there and experience it for yourself!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

1 year ago

Awesome trail with a great tunnel of history. It's said to be haunted. Never been there at night, but I wouldn't go alone if it were at night. It's way out in the sticks. Make sure you bring lots of bug spray.

1 year ago

Great trail. Great winter hike. We were there in December. Ask at Lake Hope lodge if you need directions.

3 years ago

Fun family yrail durring the day. lots of bugs and no see ums at all times. lots of kids partying at night and ghost hunters at the tunnel and ghost town.