Miami Whitewater-Shaker Trace Trail

MODERATE 8 reviews

Miami Whitewater-Shaker Trace Trail is a 1.3 mile loop trail located near Harrison, Ohio. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, and road biking.

1.3 miles 52 feet Loop


road biking


2 months ago

I walk and bike this trail often as I live near it. great upkeep and always a nice trip!

4 months ago

7 months ago

Way better than I expected! A really nice variety to the scenery and not just a walk in the woods. Paved trails have their strengths and weaknesses, but overall a great way to spend a few hours. The trail is open to foot traffic as well as bicycles and even horses if you are so inclined.

8 months ago

flat paved trail through a lot of farmland. mostly saw joggers and bikers along trail. descent trail if you're just looking for distance

1 year ago

2 years ago

I think most people actually use this as a distance running and biking trail--it's a little flat to be called a hike. But it's a nice, flat trail for biking or running, with some nice scenery.

3 years ago

Not really a hiking trail. Good for distance running and short distance bicycling. Used to ride this quite often in college when I was using a commuter bike. Very beautiful countryside through farmland. Fully paved. Main trail head is at a park that has an entry fee if you don't have a park pass. Trail head has restrooms, water fountains, and all the normal municipal park features. Nothing out along the trail. Not much shade along the route either.

3 years ago

Pretty trail but not particularly interesting for hikers; most of it goes through farmers' fields, paved all the way. Pretty flat. Wear sunscreen, most of it is unshaded.