Buckhorn Trail

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Buckhorn Trail is a 2.5 mile out and back trail located near Springfield, OH. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and trail running.

2.6 miles 187 feet Out & Back

kid friendly


trail running


over grown


Buckhorn is a 2.7 mile trail. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for trail running.

1 day ago

Was a nice trail- little bit overgrown but a good easy trail. Limited hills, so easy on the legs! The available map was a little off- the trail does keep going farther than than what's on the map.

Had a few good views of the lake and some good lead color yesterday!

1 month ago

We used this app to help us find Buckhorn trail. My children and I have spend a lot of time hiking. while we enjoyed being lead down Jeweltoed 3 times and about a mile down Buckcreek path, we had decided to end our search and to explore the Prarie. Crazy enough, we accidently found Buckhorn path at the end of the Prarie path.

2 months ago

Went a couple weeks ago and while I can see the potential in the trail, about halfway through I stopped and turned around because it was so overgrown! There were a ton of spider webs which just goes to show that its not hiked very often. If the trail was better taken care of it would be an amazing, easy, trail for a quick few hours of hiking, but that wasn't the case. I was really disappointed it wasn't better taken care of.

1 year ago

Better for cycling, uninteresting wall with views of creek cut off

1 year ago

This trail is longer than said here. I've never finished it though, I turn around after a few hours. The trail can be small at times, but it's nice to be in the woods. You are alone. My dog always loved this trail. It has a creek close to the beginning, so on our way back, he'd cool off there before we could finish.

3 years ago

Out and back trail with trailhead at Prairie View picnic shelter. Trail appears to not get much use. I went out 2 miles and turn around. Tough to follow at times.