Wilson Ridge - Schoolhouse Ridge Loop

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Wilson Ridge - Schoolhouse Ridge Loop is a 14.7 mile loop trail located near Collettsville, North Carolina. The trail is primarily used for hiking and mountain biking.

14.7 miles 920 feet Loop


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washed out

mountain biking
4 years ago

I'm giving this trail five stars based on the Schoolhouse ridge part of the loop. I rode up Thorpe's creek which was sort of fifty fifty, lots of dismounting to cross the creek and unrideable sections. The second half of the climb was ok. The Schoolhouse ridge descent is awesome! Unlike anything I've done before in that the steep parts of the descent are all in washed out gulleys, some areas four feet deep and just wide enough for the bike. Really fun, sketchy and only for advanced riders, riding alone I walked one section. I look forward to revisiting this trail and finding a better way up. The folks at the supplies store are real nice and said most people ride a road to the top. Also there was no sign at Zig Zag lane but it starts right across from that store and looked undriveable for my car but may be a good bike route up.