White Oak River

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White Oak River is a 21.9 mile trail located near Maysville, NC. The trail is primarily used for canoeing.

21.9 miles


1 month ago

This was day two of our conditioning hiking weekend. We did 4miles on Camp Lejeune camped out in our back yard then did 5.5 miles on the Weetock trail, We parked at the Hayward Landing parking area and took thr trail heading west. the trail was mostly dry surprisingly after a good amout of rain the night prior. The trail is well marked had to take some detours due to creeks over following. We cant wait to do it again.

6 months ago

the trails are a blast. watch out for the fallen trees.

7 months ago

7 months ago

This trail is impossible to find and we ended up on some back woods dirt road waiting to be the stars of the next Deliverance movie installment. Don't go!

8 months ago

I am new to this so I did not get as much out of it as I should.

8 months ago

Like Kristen said it is a lot more work in the wide areas, but still and easy trip.

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4 years ago

I rented a kayak from the white oak outfitters/campground in Maysville, and headed downstream to the Haywood Landing - about 12 miles. It took a little over 3 hours, including one pit stop and some lazy floating. The river is lovely black water, and you're pretty isolated throughout your time on the water. At the first widening I saw a few guys out on fishing boats, but I never saw any other kayakers or canoers, which surprised me, especially on a gorgeous sunday morning.

If you're not into kayking, the narrow parts are fast flowing enough to carry you. If you're more of an active paddler like myself, you get to pick up some speed and work on maneuvering around tight bends.

The water is pretty still in the wider areas so anticipate much more work.

I saw quite a few turtles, some jumping mullet, and an eagle, and I didn't hear the rumble of traffic for the vast majority of the river.

I look forward to travelling the river again, in my own kayak, in the fall when the leaves turn.

Also -- Michael, the guy who owns the Maysville campground, will pick you up downstream even if you have your own kayak.

5 years ago

Easy and leisurely.