Rockfish Creek

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Rockfish Creek is a 9.3 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Fayetteville, North Carolina that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from March until November.

9.3 miles Point to Point

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2 months ago

Area around it is covered in no trespassing and no parking signs. Not accessible based off of map directions

3 months ago

With the water up and a lot of trees down, it was a ducking game.

3 months ago

All in all a scenic, nice float but the downed trees were challenging in places.

4 months ago

5 months ago

Great views

1 year ago

My detailed blog entry on paddling Rockfish Creek.

1 year ago

We put in at the fire department on Calico to avoid being towed at the Hwy 59 access point (we'd been warned police will tow cars parked at the bridge). It's a tough creek to get in and out of, but worth it.

There were many downed trees in the creek, but we only had to lift our kayaks over three trees all together, the rest we managed to get around. The trees we had to climb over were large and sturdy enough we could carefully climb out of the kayak and balance on the tree while lifting our kayaks over before carefully getting back in.

Beautiful scenery and a pretty decent current most of the time. We could let the current carry us and only use our paddles for steering. It was very enjoyable and we'll do it again since it's close to our home.

A warning about taking out: store up some energy because you'll need it to get your kayaks up the slope. It is STEEP and the footing is treacherous in spots because it's so washed out.

Oh and SPIDERS. There were spiders everywhere. Big spiders, little spiders, hairy spiders, evil spiders, and they all want in your kayak. We were constantly plagued by spiders during the entire paddle. Also be sure to wade and swim at the waterfall before take out, idyllic spot.