Long Rocks Trail

MODERATE 4 reviews

Long Rocks Trail is a 1.5 mile out and back trail located near Hendersonville, NC. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

1.5 miles 364 feet Out & Back


1 month ago

I actually hiked Jim Redd Trail but it ends up at the same overlook just a longer route. Beautiful view

2 months ago

This is in Kaunga Conference. The trail is behind a metal gate at the end of Bowen boulevard. There is a small hiking stake that marks the trail. It is a steep incline and there is some wash out but the trail is passable. You will see a campfire spot at the top. Just keep going straight and there is a very nice mountain view. I did this hike after work during the week. It took like 40 mins.

3 months ago

Start at the metal gate and continue up the incline. You'll come to a split where the Long Rocks Trail goes off to the right (there's a sign). We saw (almost stepped on) a small, harmless ring-necked snake on the way up. When you reach the small rock overlook at the top (just past the campfire area) you can turn around. However, we continued on the trail as it turned to the east and then later turned back towards the conference center. There is a split where staying straight goes to private property (clearly marked sign). Turn right. This beautiful section of trail was smaller and marked by a blue blaze. It follows a stream down and with some small boardwalk/bridge crossings. At one point there is a split with a nice little boardwalk bridge crossing the stream to the right. Both paths continue to follow the stream (on either side), but the path to the right turns back to Bowen Boulevard near the start of the trail. I wouldn't advise exploring unfamiliar trails without GPS, BTW.

4 months ago

Take Bowen Boulevard to the end, then continue straight a short distance on the gravel road to the metal gate and park. A very easy walk in the woods with a slight incline, some roots and rocks to navigate. At one point, the trail splits without signs - continue to go straight (slightly to the left). You will see a cleared area with seating for a campfire. A little further past that, the trail ends on a rock overlook with a pretty mountain view.