Lake Wylie Trail

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Lake Wylie Trail is a 4.6 mile loop trail located near Belmont, North Carolina that features beautiful wild flowers. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding.

4.6 miles 301 feet Loop



nature trips





wild flowers


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Twas a good hike, but the trails can be a bit confusing due to the fact that most of them intersect picnic or parking areas so its not very hard to loose your trail. A pretty easy hike though with nice sites none the less.

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I have to agree, I do believe this is McDowell Park. We went hiking this afternoon and did a total of about 3 miles. The trails are kept up very well and it really is a beautiful and peaceful place. You feel the burn everytime you go uphill, and the trails are set up evenly to where you can jog is some places.

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Not sure but I think this might be the McDowell Park Trail. It borders Lake Wylie on the NC side. It is a good walk through the woods. Kind of like a goat trail, very narrow and thick. I did it in the hot summer, not recommended. The gnats and mosquitoes feasted on my bare skin because it was too hot for much clothing. It was worth it though, it is a beautiful hike but save it for cooler weather.