Greensboro Trails

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Greensboro Trails is a 13.3 mile loop trail located near Greensboro, North Carolina. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking and mountain biking.

13.3 miles 954 feet Loop

wheelchair friendly


mountain biking

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cross country skiing
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5 years ago

Nat Greene Trail-Kids at school and husband not needed at work til later, so left early around 8:30am for the Old Battleground gravel parking lot. Arrived and only one other vehicle there and the lady and her dog were running back as we were entering before the long wooden walking ramp. We were prepared and brought a backpack, with ziplocs(saved my hubbie's Droid phone on the trip), toilet paper in a ziploc (for wiping my glasses clean after being deluged by torrential rains), snacks and travel ponchos. Went all the way to the marina, cleaned up a bit and started to enter back into the trail and my ankle was hurting so we decided to walk on Lake Brandt Rd, south to Old Battleground Rd back to our Jeep. Didn't realize their was a tornado warning going on during our trip and the marina's gate was locked, but if you want along the fence to the right it ends quickly and you can walk on the road. We had the best time even through it all!

5 years ago

Went with my husband and 10 year old on the Piedmont Trail around Lake Brandt and had a great time. 10 yr old was a little upset at the length of the hike so might try a different smaller loop for him next time instead of all the way to the A&Y Greenway and then back all the way to parking gravel lot on the Lake Brandt Rd. Afterwards he was fine with it and spoke highly about his adventure:)