Wildcat Mt Loop, Streling SF, NY

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Wildcat Mt Loop, Streling SF, NY is a 8.5 mile loop trail located near Tuxedo, NY and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and is accessible year-round.

8.5 miles 2308 feet Loop


Views, Old Iron Furnace, Wild rasberries, The weather is finally getting cool again. Had temps in the 40,s in AM and low 70,s by end of hike. The hike starts out on the Wildcat Mt trail. It takes you up and over Wildcat Mt were there are limited views. Then you cross the Mombasha creek and take the Furnace Loop. This will take you to the old Iron Furnace. It was used in the 1800,s back when the area was well know for its Iron industries. Eventually the Furnace Loop takes you to the Indian Hill trail. Once on the Indian Hill trail you traverse Indian Hill and a ridge were you get great views of Harriman and the Ramapos. Then the Indian Hill trail descends into a valley that was once farmland. Today the only thing left is stone walls and foundations. Once out of the valley the trail climbs back up on a Western knoll of Indian Hill were you get more views. The Indian Hill Trail then rejoins the Furnace Loop. Get back onto the Furnace loop and then back on the Wildcat Tr. to parking.

4 years ago

Did the Indian Hills loop. Nice hike and soe really good views...You can see the furnace from Orange Turnpike so you may just wan to stay on the yellow trail. Trails marked well.