Mink Hollow Devil's Path Loop Trail

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Mink Hollow Devil's Path Loop Trail is a 14.9 mile loop trail located near Willow, NY that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible from August until September.

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Spruce/Balsam covered summit, Wildflowers, Clear Creeks, Views, Nice Hollow This hike starts out by going up Mink Hollow along a branch of the Beaverkill River. Along the way there are wildflowers and stinging nettles. I am not a big fan of because evrytime you brush against one your leg starts to itch like crazy. The more you scratch the worst it gets. the best remedy is to bare the itch for a few minutes and then it goes away. The trail starts out as a gradual but very washed out climb to the col of Plateau and Sugarloaf Mt. Once at the Col you pick up the Devils Path were the trail gets steep and tough due to some of the ledges that you have to get yourself up on. With all the rain lately the rocks were very slick. Once you hit the 3500ft mark you start to get into the Spruce and Balsam forest. The smell is amazing. Just before the Summit there is a short side trail that leads to a view of the High peaks. Today there were none because the summit was in the fog. Summit elevation is 3810ft.

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A great time

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I combined Sugarloaf Mtn with Twin since the trail that leads up to Twin after coming down Sugarloaf is only .7 miles and I just couldn't pass it up. I parked at the DEC PA on Roaring Kill Rd (dirt road). Took the Yellow connector trail to the Blue Marked Mink Hollow Trail. At the lookout (2.5 miles from the start) I got turned around and hiked nearly a mile in the direction I just came from. I kept seeing wet foot prints on the rocks going in the opposite direction and couldn't figure out why I hadn't seen that hiker go by me! Finally I pulled out the map and discovered my mistake and also realized those foot prints were my own. I uploaded my track so you can see how much distance I added to my total hike. Anyway, I finally reached the junction of the Mink Hollow Trail and Devil's Path (which leads up the Sugarloaf). Most trail signs state the distances to points further down/up the trail, this one did too, it said 1 mile to the Sugarloaf Summit and THEN added "1200 foot ascent"! Man was it steep. Had the trail to myself and the one lookout that faces Twin, where I had plenty of time to decide about hiking that mountain too. The trail up Twin seems every bit as steep as Sugarloaf only a little shorter but the views are much better. In May of this year I started hiking all of the 3500 footers in the Catskills, Sugarloaf and Twin make 13 and 14. Honestly this hike, while physically taxing, was by far the most enjoyable. Good views from twin and a great sense of accomplishment. Highly recommend.

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Oh jah. How'd they get that boat there? No way it could have traversed that tiny creek. Nah mean?

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I am staying in a cabin 3 miles from the trail head on mink hollow road. I heard Uma Thurman lives in between me and the trail head. I think I walked to her house on the road and stared for a minute...although I do not care for her or her ex husband who I think I saw pulling money out of an ATM on bushwick ave in Brooklyn. Pretty sure he was trying to buy drugs. I will never walk this trail...the sugarloaf...sounds pretty lame. Close enough though.

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The hike is riddled with poison ivy so be careful. Boulders were prevalent and prodigious. Honestly reaching the peak was quite anticlimactic. Campgrounds were sparse, with the exception of lean-tos. Water sources were limited.