Street Mountain and Nye Mountain Trail

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Street Mountain and Nye Mountain Trail is a 9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near North Elba, NY that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

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Street (ADK 31) and Nye (ADK 45) are considered trail-less peaks which means they are not officially maintained and are unmarked. Street and Nye are two of the Adirondack's 46 High Peaks and are considered trail-less which means they are not marked and they are not officially maintained. As you leave the Loj you head towards the Mt. Joe trailhead and enjoy a nice view of Heart Lake along the way. Once you reach the trailhead for Mt. Joe you will see a sign that says te trail is unmaintained from this point forward - that is where you are headed. After about 1.2 miles you will reach Indian Brook which you must make your way across by rock hopping - be careful in times of high water and keep it safe (if you need to think about the crossing twice, that is your answer to turn around, sit and enjoy the brook and then come back and cross it another day). After the rock hop there is a second crossing which can be done via a tree that has fallen over the brook. After this you can follow the herd paths up to Nye and Street. This is a little tougher to do in the winter. The hike is around 9 miles and gets a little steep and heavy with blow down towards the top but is very enjoyable.

10 days ago

Missed the turn off to the trail. Once on the trail it was easy to follow. The water crossing was low the day I hiked.

10 days ago

13 days ago

The trail was much nicer than I expected for a wooded summit. It was faily easy to follow despite being unmarked. There were three stream crossings, so keep your eyes open for these. The second is marked by a fallen tree that you can use to cross over and the third is marked by a pile of old cannisters on the other side of the stream.

26 days ago

Two wooded summits. I suggest attempting later than May as the water level of the creek crossing can still be high. 3 stars for the wooded summit. Id suggest only if your going for the 46 or your down on a long weekend and dont want to brave the crazy crowds that is phelps and cascade

29 days ago

Unfortunately I am a bit biased on the hike for this trail. Since I heard it didn't have good views at the summit I chose to make the best of a rainy day and get these out of the way.

While the trail is not terribly long or difficult it can be made so on a slippery damp day. Since it's not marked very well there are many points you have to pay careful attention to make sure you're on the beaten path and can't fully enjoy the nature around you.

As for the few views of the other peaks near the top of the ascent, the visibility was very poor because of the weather and nothing could be seen.

Due to the slippery leaf filled trail, it made what could have been a 4 1/2 to 5 hour hike into a 7 hour one.

We lost sunlight about a mile out and without a flashlight and gps would not have been able to stay on the trail. We were very happy to get back to civilization and the parking lot without getting lost.

I would imagine this is a decent hike on a nice day but would certainly not recommend it if you're just planning on winging it. I have learned that you can never be overly prepared on a hike and to make sure to have the proper equipment if you get stuck for the night. It's fairly intimidating and nerve racking when the sun goes down on an unmarked trail.

1 month ago

Despite the somehow negative reviews of this hike I enjoyed it. It is in very good shape considering the absence of maintenance.

2 months ago

The trail was clear, easier to follow than I expected, nice and shady the whole way, good on a hot day. And because of a dry summer, the creek crossings were an easy stroll on the rocks. Nice views were to be had at or near both summits. Was very pleasantly surprised by this trail.

3 months ago

For this to be an unmaintained trail it wasn't to hard to follow. You mostly hiked under tree cover and crossing the brook wasn't bad at all since it wasn't high. There are no views from the summit of these, but I was surprised to see that the trail was busy. The ascent wasn't to bad except for when you have to scramble over the blow down near the junction. If you're not going for your 46er patch I wouldn't recommend this trail.

4 months ago

Beautiful, hot day. Nice slow ascent on the front 1/3rd, typically steep stair-climbing through the middle. Not a bad ascent, a few muddy spots (black flies were horrible). Easy to follow( but narrow) last 1/3rd to the peaks. No views at the summits, but partial view from side of each summit beautiful and clear. First trip in a few years, awesome to be back! (With LAUREN).

4 months ago

4 months ago

Great climb great workout disappointing no view.

5 months ago

The un-maintained Old NYE Ski Trail was very rough to follow at certain points. Passing over Indian pass brook was a lovely experience, but once you ascend to the top of both peaks, the trail becomes more wild in regards to finding paths and both views are very poor. Would not recommend as an "easy" hike, much more like off trailing in certain parts, and only if you are aspiring a 46er title should you hike this

6 months ago

1 year ago

I was skeptical of hiking my first unmarked high peak. Fortunately, the unmaintained trail was so wore that it was easy to follow, especially using my GPS and my trail guide for references. I'm not sure why this hike is classified as not family friendly because you don't have to worry about little ones running around at the summit because there is no room. The summit of each mountain has a poor view. In the High Peaks guide book (2004) it says that the peaks are marked with a yellow disk on a tree which have been upgraded to a wooded sign. GPS Coordinates on were on for Nye, but Street Mountain had a reading of
N 44 deg 10' 46'' W074 deg 01' 37'' according to my Garmin.
The total trail including both peaks took my 10 yr old daughter and I about 7 hours.
I gave the trail 3 stars because it was a picturesque trail in places, but the view at the summit was not really rewarding.

1 year ago

First time hiking for both my wife and I. There was a brook crossing which was neat but not any real views from the top.

1 year ago

Somewhat rough hike, with poor views from the top. If you are not hiking this trail to become a 46er, I would not recommend it.

1 year ago

I tackled these two mountains today in just over 6 hours. It would have been fast however the snow was a bit deep. Just over 1 mile into the hike, you have to cross Indian Brook. There are some rocks to jump on however, your probably going to get wet anyway. At about 2.2 miles into the hike at an elevation of 2500ft ish, that's when the snow started to get tough. Snow shoes are a must. There is a tree near the top that is carved with Nye and Street and an arrow pointing in the direction. It was a fun day. Perfect weather besides all the snow. Few more weeks and it should be gone. Good Luck!

2 years ago

This was a great "winter" hike with a great crossing over Indian Brook and another log crossing. When we started it was 17 degrees with about two inches of snow on the ground but by the time we reached 3000' we were in foot deep snow with more coming down. It was a little deep without snowshoes but it was light, fluffy snow so microspikes worked just fine. It wasn't officially winter yet so they don't count as winter peaks, but it sure felt like a winter hike as we had to navigate the woods on an unmarked trail in fresh snow - this could be tough if you aren't used to unmarked trail hiking. Although there were no views we had a fun time with stream crossings, waterfalls and ice covered trees. A very nice ~ 8.5 mile hike.

3 years ago

This was my first trail-less hike. My kids are bigger, now, teenagers, and i was confident we could all do it together. I admit, I made a few mistakes. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the carins as they are the only few markers.

It's not a bad hike, really. We set out from the Loj parking lot at 9:30 am and made it back by 4:30 pm. I'm a fairly fit woman, but get slow when it gets steep, so I like to take my time. This day was beautiful, but had rained the day before, and it has been a wet summer; trails were muddy in parts. There are almost NO views at the summits, but the trails are beautiful. You will cross two streams. The second (if you're on your way up) is where you'll see artifacts from an old logging camp (post, enamel bowls, cast iron stove). Please don't take anything, it's just too cool and should be admired by others. Sunlight coming through the trees and the mosses and grasses and mushrooms are all very lovely. Before you get to the junction there is a rock ledge you can stand on and look out for some nice views.

At the junction of Street and Nye was a tall carin in front of a tree that was carved with arrows to each peak. We took Nye first. Seemed to be a pretty short and easy distance from the junction. We reached the summit and the kids split looking for more trails, but there aren't any. The summit is marked by a small round yellow disk with the word NYE written on it, nailed to a tall thin tree. That was it. A tree. We stayed and had a snack.

Back to the junction and then up to Street. This trail seemed steeper and slightly longer. Great rock formations and huge boulders frame the trail. The summit wasn't much more that that of Nye. There was also a yellow disk on a tree marking the summit. There is no canister. Street, however, has two short trails out to the edge for some views through tops of trees. We stayed here longer and snacked again.

The decent was fine and it went quickly. If you have poles, use them, my daughter and I slipped a few times, but it's nothing major. In another one of my guide books it states the round trip for this hike is 7.8 miles and would take 8 hours. It took us 6 (not including the good hour we spent snacking along the way). And like I said, we are NOT speed hikers, we like to take our time and enjoy the hike.