Point Woods Loop Trail

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Point Woods Loop Trail is a 2.9 mile loop trail located near Montauk, NY and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking and walking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

2.9 miles 202 feet Loop

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5 months ago

My favorite loop. Swamps, oak and hickory forrest, ocean bluffs. Amazing.

6 months ago

This trail is a beautiful trail. It goes through a gorgeous forests with many small trees. Eventually, you end up on the edge of unbelievably beautiful cliffs which drop straight into the ocean. It's definitely one I would do many more times

2 years ago

Review for the Point Woods Loop Trail and the beginnings of Sea Haul Out Trail.
Came here with a group of friends and 2 dogs.

Online information for the start of the Point Woods Loop Trail was lacking. Here are the coordinates of the start of the trail:
Good maps coordinates: 41.067931,-71.878987

As you drive on Camp hero Rd, you will see a shoulder on the right hand side and that's where you can park. Then you walk about 30 feet and you'll see a sign post directing you to the trail. You just follow the trail and you will see lots of historic stuff. You will see where the weapons used to be and see a sign not to touch military equipment/ammunition if you find any. As you continue walking, you will come across another sign for the Bluffs Overlook. I highly recommend going to the overlook to the ocean and the cliffs. Be very careful not to stand too close to the edge of the cliffs. We thought this was a good place to stop and eat lunch. An amazing view. As you continue back onto the trail, you will eventually walk near the coast line and head towards the lighthouse. On the way to the lighthouse, you will pass a parking lot on the left hand side. You can definitely skip the hike and just drive to the location =P After you get to the lighthouse, just find the concession stand and head down onto the beach and head West. You have to walk for quite a bit before you hit the seal area. We never made it to the seal area but I hope to come back to see them.

Sample photos here:

The trails were very easy to hike. We encountered some patches of mud but other than that, no rock scrambles or steep cliffs to hike up or down.

Even though we came here during the winter, I couldn't believe how many ticks I found on the dogs. Luckily none latched on to me but a friend of ours had an unexpected passenger.

This place is also great to see the winter birds if you're a birder.

I would definitely come back here again to see the seals and birds. I'm just not sure if I'll bring the dogs back again.

3 years ago

The best time of year to do this hike is winter. Great views of the Atlantic Ocean. It's definitely worth connecting with Camp Hero and Montauk Point State Parks.

4 years ago

When you are hiking this trail you feel like you are going in constant circles...but as long as you follow the markers, you're good to go! Great views of the water :)

4 years ago

You will love this hike in the winter you take the Point Woods and connect to Camp Hero State Park and through Battery 112 & 113. You pass the bluffs and the lighthouse which will take you to the Moony Pond Trail as you are on the Point Woods you are also on the Paumanok Path. Your dog can accompany you of this marvalous hike. We make a day of it and loop all the trail together!