Oswayo Creek (Shinglehouse, PA to Toll Gate, NY)

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Oswayo Creek (Shinglehouse, PA to Toll Gate, NY) is a 12.4 mile trail located near Portville, NY and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for canoeing and is accessible from March until May.

12.4 miles


2 years ago

We put in at Assembly Park in Shinglehouse on the day after a tremendous rain in May. The creek was running very high that day. We got into trouble soon after the put-in, finding ourselves pinned up against a mud bank with a strong current in a tight turn. We were questioning whether this was going to be a paddle-able stream at that point! But the rest of the paddle was manageable and we had a fantastic day on the water. We encountered some immature barn owls sitting on a branch over the water, lots of herons and a number of bald eagles, the usual waterfowl and (best of all) no humans. We took out at Riverhurst Park in Portville (Seek permission, it's a private campground. The owner is very nice.). We paddled this creek in a tandem kayak and are experienced river paddlers.