High Falls, Bucks County

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High Falls, Bucks County is a 1 mile trail located near Walden, NY that features a waterfall. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking.

1.0 miles 60 feet

kid friendly



6 months ago

Doesn't exist. Walden is not in Bucks County and the GPS coordinates on this trail will take you to the end of a dead end street in a residential neighborhood. no trail in sight and satellite view on a map shows nothing. do not waste your time.

6 months ago

Absolutely beautiful, worth the trip.

8 months ago

Wild goose chase, no trail

9 months ago

No Falls, no trail NOT Bucks County. ?

3 years ago

Not a real trail in the area!!

4 years ago

Trail apparently does not exist. At least not based on the directions this website gives.