Dix Trail from Elk Lake Parking Area

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Dix Trail from Elk Lake Parking Area is a 12 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Keene Valley, NY that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible from March until October.

12.0 miles 3646 feet Out & Back



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1 year ago

This is a long day, lots of miles but once your on top of the ridge you will get lots of great views. Once you start working your way up, there is no water so be sure to bring enough. I traveled down the trail to the beck horn trail. From there it is a 2.3 mile incline. It is not too bad but it is long. Once you top of the Beck Horn, follow the yellow markers to the left and then it is about 10 minutes to Dix, there is a small marker on the summit. Back track to the Beck Horn and follow a small trail to the left of the Beck Horn. It is very narrow and leads all the way to Hough. There is no marker (or atleast one I could find) but a small lookout. Keep following the trail down to the S. Dix, it is a little steep but nothing crazy. Nothing to hard, like I said, just a long day. On S. Dix, once again I couldn't find a maker but a small Cairn. The trail is small and goes either left or right. Go left, and it goes to E. East. It is about an 1 hour away. I couldn't find the marker but I did see the rocks from other pictures of the summit so I'm pretty sure I was there. Another hour back to the small cairn and followed that towards Macomb. You'll come to an open rock face. Just keep following it down towards the mountain in front of you. Some of the cairns are a little out of place. Just head down hill. At the base you'll head up Macomb. It's about .5 mile ish to the summit. Macomb is marked. After the summit keep following the path down. You will come to the famous Macomb Slide. It is a bit of a pain and it is loose and dangerous. Coming down, stay to the right. There are several cairns in place. Follow the trail to the right, it goes up hill a little bit then down hill all the way to main trail. Follow it left 2.2 miles back to the parking area. Good luck!

3 years ago

Great hike, wish that I had made it a 2 day. I tried to do the loop in 1 day and only made it to Hough before I had to turn back the herd path to make it out before dark

4 years ago

Did trail last year and completed the accent in the morning after sleeping in leanto at base. The view at top is spectacular all round. Some high speed gusts at the top.

I would warn about the leanto outhouse area at base of Dix being so unclean that even a rat would shy away in disgust.

4 years ago

not for the faint of heart,the weather was lousy ,windy,wet,alittle part muddy,over all great hike