Moat Mountain Trail

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Moat Mountain Trail is a 4.9 mile point-to-point trail located near Bartlett, NH that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and mountain biking and is accessible year-round.

4.9 miles 2739 feet Point to Point

kid friendly


mountain biking


Directions from Conway, NH: Travel 2-3 miles west on Dugway Road to reach the southern terminus. (Farther west on Dugway, the covered bridge is closed each year November to May.) Northern access is off West Side Road in the town of North Conway.

4 months ago

Fairly easy trail past Diana's Bath, but very few trail markers going UP the mountain. I noticed them all on my way down, though.

6 months ago

we took the loop, thinking it would be amazing. the views were great, but the beginning of the trail after Dianas Baths is difficult to follow. Not the best marked, and because of all the connecting trails on the back of The nearby ledges, easy to get sidetracked.

8 months ago

Definitely a rigorous climb up to the South Moat. Fantastic views at the top.

1 year ago

Me, My Wife, my 3 year old and my 7 year old started at the Diana's bath trail head. It's a fairly large parking area. There is a bathroom in the Parking lot. From there it's a very well groomed path out to Diana's bath. Nice bridges and walkways all the way in. Diana's bath has a small picnic area, with several levels of natural falls and pools. Wonderful place to take children, but be warned, you must supervise your children, it's easy for them to slip on the rock with the moving water. From Diana's bath the trail appears to get more difficult and rustic, but we did not attempt it. Our goal was the 3/4 mile walk out to Diana's Bath.

1 year ago

The Moat Mountain Trail, which traverses North, Middle, and South Moat Mountain peaks, provides spectacular views of the area. Yesterday was pretty clear and got great views of the White Mountains. I started at Diana's Bath trailhead, which starts out very nice looking. Once you get to Diana's Baths, the trail turns from a nicely groomed path to something a little less groomed. The marking on the trail wasn't great until you get towards the upward sloping towards the North Peak. There was some snow left over until about 2500ft or so, but nothing impassible with existing traction. North Moat offers great views. Between there and South Moat lies Middle Moat, which is more of a secondary peak to North, the views from Middle are nice but nothing compared to the other two. South Moat offers some nice panoramic views of the region. Downward slope from south is challenging with some steep ledges that make you need to take your time to descend. This is doable with a dog, but i would advise to hike with others to help the pup with these ledges. The trail wraps up in what is currently a small logging area, which was not active when I was there. Last half to quarter mile runs parallel to the logging access road.

All in alla nice but challenging hike. The views make it worth it, in my opinion.

2 years ago

Started at the Diane's bath trail head proceeded to a yellow marker then continued up toward moat mountain. Waterproof / gore-tex boots a must. The very last stretch before the summit extremely steep, plain rock covered with ice. I had to return at this point cos potential descend from there might have been deadly. Definitely great hike for any summer day. Once it's freezing think twice taking it. There are quiet a few creek passes which for many may be impassable. A good hike for two when they could assist each other. The first, I guess half mile, to the "bath" is park-like path. Wheelchair accessible ( looks like) I was about to look for the lamp posts around there. Once you pass the sign for moat mountain you can forget about easy ....