Appalachian Trail: Wachipauka Pond & Webster Slide Mountain

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Appalachian Trail: Wachipauka Pond & Webster Slide Mountain is a 6 mile out and back trail located near Woodsville, New Hampshire. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking.

6.0 miles 1186 feet Out & Back


7 months ago

This is one of our favorite hikes from way back. We hiked in and camped for a week at a time back in college there. The campsite was beautiful and there used to be a latrine box up on a hill off the spur trail. Best place on the planet to take a... well, you know. Brook trout in the pond too and LOONS!!! We watched a pair of loons take off from the lake one fall to head towards saltwater for the winter. It was amazing. We hiked it back in the mid 1990's, so date below is irrelevant.

10 months ago

2 years ago

The best part of this hike was greeting 3 thru hikers. Each was hiking on his own...all guys in their 20s. Seeing these guys gave my kids (and me!) positive motivation to power through to the lake. The first mile is vertical over rocks and roots and we were soaked through with sweat. (Daughter 7, son 10) We made it to the lake but there was no obvious access or viewing area so our hopes of taking a dip and cooling off were squelched. And with thunder in the distance I decided not to push us on around the lake. Too bad because there most certainly must be a way in. The trek back got crazy as rain hammered us for the last two miles...all in all, I would not recommend this hike, not would I do it again - unless I thru hike someday. Oh yeah, bring bug repellant.

3 years ago

Another beautiful part of the AT. We had lunch at the lake and never wanted to leave.