Lee Hot Spring

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Lee Hot Spring is located near Fallon, NV and features hot springs. The trail is primarily used for hiking.


hot springs

7 months ago

As of March 2016 this particular spring is TOO HOT to soak in as the water temperature is 180*F. I ended up talking to a local woman who stated, it used to be a lot of fun back in the day when the water table was higher in the region than what it is today. Lee Hot Springs back at the time had a small pond with 2 soaking tubs all of which are gone today. The photo is very accurate.

nature trips
4 years ago

At the time I was there in 2010 the Hot Spring WAS NOT flowing. If you had a pump you would be able to access the geothermal source. Bring a shovel to create a soaking pool. This would be an excellent place to be alone with your own hot spring.