Steamboat Lookout Pass

DIFFICULTY 1 reviews

Steamboat Lookout Pass is located near Augusta, Montana. The trail is primarily used for hiking.


2 years ago

Excellent trail with beautiful views. Unfortunately, it is still very early in the season and there was significant snowpack left on the trails. Unless you bring snowshoes and trekking poles, don't expect to get to the top! We made it to the 7800 saddle before turning back, and that was after some treacherous snow-trekking. Can't wait to take it later in the season when the snow has melted off. Definitely some elevation gain, but the trail is very well managed, even before this year's maintenance. If you go before the Forest Service has a chance to get up there, know that there are numerous fallen trees covering the trail, but they are passable. If you're into geology, the fire from 1988 laid waste to the region, so the rock formations and tectonic processes are incredibly visible. We were the only ones up there today, minus a couple of bears whose tracks we stumbled upon.