Boulder Hot Springs

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Boulder Hot Springs is a moderately trafficked trail located near Boulder, MT and features hot springs. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round.



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1 year ago

Grew up in Boulder and this place has amazing potential. Unfortunately, the current owners prevent it from ever reaching it. They refuse to do any kind of upkeep with the building, so it appears to be in shambles. The rooms are austere and simple, with no modern "luxuries". The place has an incredibly beautiful old bar and ballroom that could be a popular attraction if renovated and utilized, but they choose to use those rooms to hold seances. Yes seances. The hot pools and steam room have appeared dirty every time I've been there, and the outside pool has so many "rules" that you may as well hang out inside and read the paper. Food is bland, organic dishes that do not encourage an appetite. I'd apologize for such a negative review if I didn't live in Boulder, and like so many others here, see so much wasted potential.