Huckleberry Ridge State Forest

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Huckleberry Ridge State Forest is a 14 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Pineville, Missouri that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as difficult and primarily used for hiking, camping, horses, and mountain biking. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

14.0 miles Loop

dog friendly



mountain biking

horseback riding



26 days ago

I recommend you take the 1430 road and park in the primitive parking lot a short distance in. You will descend some very rough, rocky terrain until you reach an actual trail. Head to your left, and you will eventually find some very interesting rock formations and a primitive campsite. We also saw an armadillo. The trail is very poorly marked, and sometimes you are just guessing where it is. We ended up retracing our steps back, as we couldn't find a trail loop. (There was a possible loop heading up a steep hill, but we chose not to take it.) My adult sons rated our hike at Huckleberry Ridge seven stars out of 10. We managed to walk 2.9 miles.

1 month ago

6 months ago

The GPS from this app put us at the wrong entrance I now realize, looking at photos from others. But, it ended up being a blessing. There was a dirt road at first that turned into a small path through briars that led us onto a steep slope of rock. Once at the bottom of the slope, we were able to follow a river bed to some pretty amazing views. The terrain changed several times and it was definitely on the difficult side. Also, I can see why there were a lot of stones with arrows spray painted on them. You could easily get lost out there.
I would like to go back and do the actual walking trail sometime. But I'll definitely go back to the river bed in the fall.

9 months ago

11 months ago

A great easy hike. The kids loved it.

2 years ago

I do this as a easy overnight trip. Water is scares.

2 years ago

Actually did the hike on 3/21/2014. A little hard to find but that's a good thing if you want a quiet hike. I did this hike barefoot and it was difficult in places but my feet quickly adjusted. I did 12 miles on this trail and found a nice little stream. I strung up my hammock for a bit just to listen to it and rest. No car noises only the birds and wind in the trees.

I think this trail is used for horseback riding a lot, and there are primitive campsites throughout.

It is very rural and in the middle of nowhere...a difficult hike for a beginner. I have gone back twice since and plan to explore more next time. Very peaceful.

3 years ago

Beautiful during the Fall. Took my wife and Boston Terrier out and camped overnight. Had a good time trail was mostly rocky but if varies and saw many horse back riders on the trail. Did some bushwhacking while on the trip. Nice oak and pine forest and natural cleared cliffs. Can be steep and doesn't have a particular Trail head. There are possibly 3-4 entrances but two have signs. Ive been here a couple of times. Once during the snow and this fall. There are man made camp spots off of the trail in different places. No hookups just primitive camping. Ill post photos of my trip with the wife and dog. Good trail just rocky. Also make sure to give your self plenty of room from the trail and your camping spot so your not bending your stakes into rocks. Made that mistake, just camp in deeper.

4 years ago

I have hiked extensively in Huckleberry Ridge State Forest. Some of my hiking has been on the trail, but a lot has been bushwacking. The terrain is rocky, sometimes steep, and the trail itself is, as was stated, mostly used for horseback riding. Having said this, it is an enjoyable hike. Lots of good scenery. Mixed hardwood.pine forest, but no major water. Elk River is close, but not on the trail. Primitive camping is permitted in Pine Ridge, so I've been able to pack with full gear, and do the dog companion and overnight thing. This area does not get heavy use, except for horseback activities.