Dogwood Canyon

DIFFICULTY 8 reviews

Dogwood Canyon is a moderately trafficked trail located near Lampe, MO and features a waterfall. The trail offers a number of activity options.




mountain biking





5 days ago

It does cost a little bit, but extremely beautiful place! And loved seeing the treehouse built by Pete Nelson and the treehouse masters team!

14 days ago


3 months ago

I would rate this trail higher, except for the fact that it costs $20 per person to walk the trail. It is beautiful, and most trails are paved. There is a $10 general admission fee that grants you access to a mill, tiny museum, store, and a tree house thing for kids. then another $10 per person if you want to actually walk the trail.... We will not be going back simply because of the cost...

4 months ago

4 months ago

4 months ago

expensive. its not a hike its a walk on paved roads.

5 months ago

They should say it's $20 per person to go walking, which as pretty as it was, it wasn't worth $20 to hike.

6 months ago