Patuxent Research Refuge, North Tract

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Patuxent Research Refuge, North Tract is a 4.9 mile loop trail located near Laurel, Maryland. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for walking, trail running, and mountain biking.

4.9 miles 236 feet Loop

kid friendly

mountain biking

trail running


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Great resource for a variey of activities. I can't believe the reviewer who was "disappointed" saying there were only roads. First, if there were only roads, the walks are beautiful, and one can bike them. Second, there are not only roads, but many trails. I guess he wasn't paying attention, which is reinforced by him saying he "saw no wildlife". Hey, use your eyes! No, you won't find lions and bears but many birds and tracks of deer, raccoons and other wildlife. The only distraction is the nearby airport, so no, this is not a wilderness trail. As far as checking out, he says "car gone..." well the car may not be in the parking lot but it may be anywhere on the miles of roads so checking out saves the staffers from waiting or searching for know it all's who are too smart to follow the rules.

3 months ago

Very pretty trails, easy

8 months ago

mostly gravel road with door knob sized rocks which made navigation dicey. I actually went passed the sugar gum loop to the lake. that added a little more distant, but is the better route to see the waves of grain on the way to a beautiful pond.

1 year ago

Disappointing. The 'trails' are just gravel roads with the exception of 2 mile, natural surface Forest Trail, which is nice.
Because there is unexploded ordinance (UOX) in the woods, you have to check in and check out at the 'Ranger Contact Station' (I can understand checking in-- but checking out? If my car is gone, I left!)
The maps provided at the Contact Station are out of scale and do not show side trails/access trails, nor do they indicate the color of blazes on the trails.
I saw no wildlife.

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There are a lot of trails in this area. The day I went was during hunting season so many of the trails were closed to hikers. The trails I was able to go one were flat and clear. Nice view of open areas, heavily wooded ones, wetlands and ponds. I cannot wait to go back after the hunting season to hike the remaining trails.

4 years ago