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Meadowbrook is a 1.8 mile loop trail located near Ellicott City, MD. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for walking.

1.8 miles 95 feet Loop

kid friendly


road biking
1 month ago

Pretty sweet short ride on my bike.

2 months ago

First hike after 4 months off from foot surgery. Date: 8/14/2016

3 months ago

Paved trail, lots of sports fields, and a playground. Various nature signage throughout, and a decent amount of wildlife. Mostly rabbits, birds, turtles and dragonflies. Not very crowded compared to Centennial Lake. Mostly suitable for walking & jogging. The "Park N Ride" side with the playground is more crowded, but there is a good loop around the soccer field to get some laps in. The more natural side where the Meadowbrook Athletic Center parking is located is less crowded and there is a fairly steep hill to the top. Therefore less people opt for this route. You can combine the various different loops in different combinations to get some good miles in on your walk. Gradual elevation changes on all the paths. The area feels safe, but you still have a sense you are in nature. If you go in the cooler weather months you will have the place almost to yourself.